Fergie once subbed on a goalkeeper for Ryan Giggs just to stop him moaning

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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There has always been plenty of eccentric and audacious decisions made by managers, but none quite like when Sir Alex Ferguson, the legendary gaffer of Manchester United, brought on none other than Fabien Barthez as a substitute outfield player. Yes, it’s true. The French shot-stopper, renowned for his expertise between the posts, was given a chance to showcase his skills on the field in an utterly bizarre move by the fiery Scotsman.

Before we get into that, though, let’s quickly glimpse the man’s career with the bald head and magical gloves. Fabien Alain Barthez, born on June 28, 1971, not only achieved greatness as a goalkeeper but also found success in motorsport after hanging up his football boots. During his illustrious career, he represented football clubs like Toulouse, Marseille, AS Monaco, Manchester United, and Nantes. On the international stage, he played a pivotal role for France, securing victories in the 1998 FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro 2000, and the 2003 FIFA Confederations Cup. His accomplishments with the French national team remain etched in French football history.

Barthez relished his opportunity to play outfield

But it was during his time at Manchester United that the tale of his outfield escapade unfolded. In a friendly match against Team Singapore at the National Stadium in Kallang in July 2001, the Red Devils thrashed the opposition with a commanding 7-1 lead. Goals from Ole Gunnar Solskajer, Dwight Yorke, Phil Neville, David Beckham, and Ruud van Nistelrooy gave this friendly the look you would expect.

As the game approached its final stages, something utterly unexpected happened. Sir Alex Ferguson, never one to shy away from making bold decisions, stunned everyone when he signalled for Barthez to replace a player on the left wing. It was an outlandish substitution, even by Ferguson’s standards, and it spoke volumes about Barthez’s insistence on getting a chance outfield. The Frenchman had been pestering the manager incessantly for this opportunity, and it seemed Ferguson finally caved in to appease his pestering player.

In those final ten minutes, the National Stadium witnessed an extraordinary sight – Barthez, the goalkeeper, playing as an outfield player. He might have spent most of his career guarding the net, but Barthez proved that his skills weren’t confined to just that. In an amusing moment, he even nutmegged an opposition player during his brief cameo on the pitch, leaving fans and Man Utd coaching staff in stitches.

Highlights of the hilarious moment can be seen on YouTube

After the match, Ferguson couldn’t help but comment on the unusual substitution. He said, “He’s been pestering me for ages to let him do that. I just thank God he did not score because we never would have got him back in goal. He’s very capable with the ball, no doubt about that.” It was clear that Ferguson allowed Barthez this unusual opportunity as a reward for his persistent appeals.

While the experiment brought some light-hearted amusement to the fans, it also showcased the bond and trust between Ferguson and his players. The manager’s willingness to indulge Barthez’s offbeat desire demonstrated the close-knit atmosphere within the team, where players felt comfortable approaching their boss with unconventional requests.

Ultimately, the match against Team Singapore will only be remembered for the surreal moment when a world-class goalkeeper donned an outfield player’s shirt to prove a point and, perhaps, to shut himself up. It remains a testament to the adventurous spirit and cheeky charm of Fabien Barthez, the “Divine Bald One,”.

The great Alex Ferguson always indulged his stars, knowing what they could give on the pitch. He showed us his playful side by allowing Fabien Barthez to embrace the unexpected, if only for a fleeting moment on the wing.

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