Football as a kid: These games will bring back some fond memories

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Ah, those were the days! When the streets were our stadiums, and every kid fancied themselves the next Beckham or Shearer. Before the age of smartphones and TikTok challenges, our main agenda post-school was a game of footy with mates. Let’s kick around the old times and remember the games we once lived for.

  1. Jumpers for Goalposts: Who needed a proper net when you had two jumpers? Placed at an appropriate distance apart, these became the sacred goalposts. And remember, it didn’t count if it went over the jumper!
  2. Wembley Singles/Doubles: Beginning with a big group, the aim was to score. Score and you advance to the next round, miss and you’re out. The last two standing would battle it out in the finals, often to an audience of previous losers and random passersby.
  3. Headers and Volleys: One goalie and the rest aiming to score, but with a twist! Only headers and volleys counted. And if you committed the sinful act of letting the ball touch the ground, you became the next goalie

4. Knockout: Every player had their own ball. The objective? Knock everyone else’s ball out of the designated play area. Last person standing wins! It was a game of tactics, skill, and a bit of cheeky ruthlessness.

5. Wall Ball: All you needed was a ball and a wall. The aim was to hit the ball against the wall in turns, but if you missed, you were out. And no cheating with sneaky slow rollers!

6. Kerby: A classic two-player game. Stand on opposite sides of the road; the goal was to hit the kerb with the ball, making it bounce back to you. The pleasure of achieving that sweet bounce back on target was unparalleled!

Football might have evolved with glitzy leagues and mega stadiums, but nothing can replace the sheer joy of those childhood games. Back when the biggest worry was getting your ball back from an angry neighbour’s garden or having to abandon a match because of dinner time!

It’s a boot-in that today’s tech-savvy kids might never experience these simple pleasures. But for those who remember, these games remain the real ‘golden era’ of football!

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