Gail Porter explains Victoria Beckham’s “No eye contact” rule on T.O.T.P which led to Indie band ripping her

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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Victoria Beckham had a rather peculiar request during her appearance on “Top Of The Pops,” as former presenter Gail Porter disclosed.

Firstly, Victoria performed “Out Of Your Mind” with Dane Bowers on the popular show, marking the pinnacle of her brief solo music journey. However, Gail highlighted an unusual incident when the duo visited the show’s studios in 2000.

Gail Porter Top of the Pops
Gail Porter presenting Top of The Pops. Strict instructions were given to not look at Victoria and Dane.

Victoria Beckham:”Do not look at me”

Transitioning to the main event, she mentioned, “Victoria and Dane’s team forbade anyone from maintaining eye contact with them. Consequently, the atmosphere was incredibly tense.”
Moreover, Gail elaborated on the behaviour of other guests, noting, “Interestingly, while all this was happening, Travis was on the side, and they were making cheeky gestures. And I found myself announcing amidst this chaos, ‘Here’s Gail Porter, presenting your number one show, Top Of The Pops. Without further ado, please welcome Victoria Beckham and Dane Bowers performing Out Of Your Mind.'”

Travis reacts with rude hand gestures

“Out Of Your Mind'” was a song by UK garage duo True Steppers featuring Victoria Beckham and Dane Bowers

As the performance unfolded, Gail narrated a humorous incident. “During the song,” she began, “I nipped to the make-up room only to find Travis, led by Fran Healy, making some rather crude hand signals.”

Additionally, post-performance, another amusing scene played out. “It seemed Victoria and Dane were left uncertain, unsure if the cameras were still rolling,” Gail elaborated. She recounted her confusion: “I had to manoeuvre past them to exit, and I remember asking the director for guidance. The pair stood frozen, uncertain if they were still on camera.”

Dane Bowers and Victoria Beckham in 2000

Furthermore, in the makeup room, the crew observed this odd scene. Gail chuckled, “We were all gathered around the monitor, commenting, ‘They’re still standing there’. The cameraman quipped, ‘I’m staying put; this is too entertaining.’ While I remarked that it was a tad cruel, he retorted, ‘It’s absolutely hysterical.'”

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