Gavin & Stacey star Joanna Page faces backlash after scathing review of BBC Comedy

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Joanna Page, renowned for her role in the beloved BBC sitcom Gavin & Stacey, is under fire for her foul-mouthed review of the new BBC comedy “Things I Should Have Done.” The 47-year-old actress didn’t mince her words during the recent episode of her podcast, Off the Telly, co-hosted with EastEnders star Natalie Cassidy.

In her review, Page pulled no punches, describing the show as “unbearable” and “boring.” She remarked, “Do you know what things I should have done? Not bothered to f**ing watch it.” Page also acknowledged the talent of the show’s creator and star, comedian Lucia Keskin, but maintained her negative stance, saying, “I thought the show was s**t. It’s not often I can’t watch something. I was so bored. My mother could have written it.”

Joanna Page receives a huge backlash over comments

Joanna Page’s comments sparked a swift backlash from fans, with Line of Duty actor Craig Parkinson among those condemning her for publicly disparaging another television program. He took to Twitter, stating, “Personally, I think that if you work in television and are then given a platform to discuss television you really shouldn’t be slagging off television. Bit of an unwritten rule. It really isn’t classy.”

Twitter users also expressed their dismay, with one criticising, “The problem isn’t Joanna Page not liking Chi’s show, it’s that she has an official BBC-branded telly review podcast, where she’s given free reign to say she doesn’t like something without critical analysis. What is the point of that? Who does it help? Certainly not new talent.”

However, Lucia Keskin, the creator of “Things I Should Have Done,” took a humorous approach to Page’s critique. In a TikTok video response, Keskin is seen eating a banana while Page’s comments play in the background. Keskin then cheekily attaches a post-it note to a framed photo of the Gavin & Stacey cast, inscribed with the word “Bald,” perhaps a playful jab at Page’s repeated use of the word “bored.”

Despite the uproar, the BBC defended Joanna Page’s right to express her opinions on Off the Telly, emphasising the podcast’s authenticity and diverse perspectives. “Joanna and Natalie don’t hold back with their honest opinions… mixed views are exactly what listeners can expect to hear on this refreshingly authentic podcast,” the BBC stated.

The potential return of Gavin & Stacey?

Meanwhile, fans continue to speculate about a potential Gavin & Stacey reunion, although Page remains tight-lipped about any future plans. She recently addressed the rumours, stating, “I don’t know anything at all. I’ve got no other information. Absolutely nothing.”

While some defend Page’s right to express her views, others argue for a more nuanced approach. Especially in the case of discussing works by emerging talents like Lucia Keskin.

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