German World Cup winner Andreas Brehme accidentally exposed wife completely naked online

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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They say footballing legends never fade away, and that is certainly true for German World Cup winner Andreas Brehme. But the 1990 World Cup winner unintentionally made his wife as famous after a video mishap! The ex-defender, who earned a remarkable 86 caps for his country, is still revered as a national hero to this day. Brehme’s illustrious career saw him triumph with Inter Milan and Bayern Munich, leaving a legacy that remains unrivalled.

Despite hanging up his boots, Brehme’s fame has only grown, partly due to his heartwarming habit of sending personalized birthday messages to adoring football fans. It’s a tradition that fans adore, a connection to the past that never fails to bring a smile to their faces.

However, one fortunate supporter received more than he had ever bargained for. What started as a joyous video message from the World Cup hero quickly turned into a moment of unexpected hilarity.

Brehme with his wife, Susan.

In the now-infamous video, Brehme began in his usual charismatic fashion, facing the camera with a heartfelt birthday greeting. But little did he know that his video was about to take an unexpected turn. A sudden noise interrupted the video, and Brehme turned his head to investigate the source.

The camera, following his every movement, his topless partner entering the room. That one lucky fan got a glimpse of this candid moment. Brehme, ever the professional, swiftly turned the camera back, trying to maintain composure as if nothing unusual had happened.

But as the saying goes, once something is on the internet, it’s there forever. The video somehow found its way around the world, quickly gaining millions of views, much to the amusement of fans across the globe.

When questioned about the incident, Brehme was taken aback. “We only realized it when more and more friends called,” he said. “I have no idea why this is coming up now. Someone must have posted it. I didn’t even realize that I had sent it at the time.”

The blunder was shared all over the internet.

A momentary lapse of awareness resulted in a big blunder, yet Brehme took it all in stride. “Now the whole world knows what a great wife I have!” he chuckled. “Shouldn’t have happened, but I can laugh at myself. In the future, I’d better let Susanne film.”

His partner Susan later said: “That was last summer on vacation at Lake Garda,” she explained with a smile. “But what’s up? So you can see me changing on the beach. Or in the sauna. We laugh about it, and I tease Andy, my social media expert.”

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