I asked AI to write me a storyline for Only Fools and Horses set in 2023 – this is what I got back

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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For a bit of fun, I asked ChatGPT to write me a storyline for Only Fools and Horses set in 2023. Below is the exact extract it gave me back. I would love to know people’s thoughts on this!

ChatGPT’s Only Fools and Horses story:

In this modern-day twist, Del Boy and Rodney find themselves in 2023, dealing with the world of online trading, cryptocurrency, and social media influencers. Del Boy, always looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, hears about the boom in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He decides that this is their ticket to becoming millionaires, or in Del’s parlance, “This time next year, we’ll be Bitcoin billionaires, Rodders!”

Del manages to convince a hesitant Rodney to invest their savings in Bitcoin. But in classic ‘Only Fools and Horses’ fashion, they end up buying Bitcoin vouchers from a shady character down the pub, Mickey Pearce, who’s recently rebranded himself as a ‘cryptocurrency guru.’

Meanwhile, Grandad’s old storage locker is up for auction, and they discover it contains a bunch of vintage vinyl records. Cassandra, Rodney’s wife, suggests that they might be worth something to collectors and should try selling them online. However, Del Boy, with his eyes on the Bitcoin prize, dismisses the idea.

AI has Del Boy buying bitcoin in 2023

Things start to spiral when the Bitcoin value crashes overnight, and Del realises they’ve been sold counterfeit Bitcoin vouchers. With their savings gone, Del must swallow his pride and, with Rodney’s help, start selling Grandad’s vintage records online.

In a twist of fate, the vinyl records, which include some rare pressings from the 60s and 70s, become a hit, with their sales going through the roof. It turns out that there’s a revival of vinyl culture, and the Trotters have unwittingly found themselves sitting on a goldmine.

The episode ends with Del Boy and Rodney, surrounded by records in their flat, toasting to their unexpected windfall and Del Boy admitting, “You were right, Rodney, it’s not all about the digital. There’s always a market for the classics.”

The theme of the episode is about embracing the new while respecting the classic, an apt sentiment for ‘Only Fools and Horses.’ After all, Del Boy and Rodney might be trying to keep up with the times, but it’s their old-school charm and luck that always save the day!

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