James Buckley reveals why The Inbetweeners can’t return and why he turns down some Cameo requests

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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James Buckley, star of ‘The Inbetweeners‘, spills the tea on why the fan-favourite show can’t return, even 15 years after its debut.

Pairing up with his wife, Clair Buckley, the duo chatted ahead of launching their new weekly podcast ‘In Sickness And In Health’. This new adventure follows their smashing success on YouTube with ‘At Home With The Buckleys’.

James Buckley has foudn success through Cameo videos
James Buckley has become the first Cameo celebrity to make £1m

Diving deep into discussions, James clarified that he’s not fretting over the content of the Channel 4 series. Why? Because, let’s face it, the lads were “idiots”. He emphasises that the lads’ sixth-form banter wouldn’t suit them in their thirties.

He’s earned a fortune on Cameo, becoming the first Brit to hit a million dollars, and he isn’t a pushover. He sometimes declines requests, especially if they’re tunes from ‘The Inbetweeners’. Not out of pride, mind you. More because, as he candidly admits, he can’t remember them!

The Inbtweeners featured Simon Bird and James Buckley
The Inbetweeners with James Buckley on the far right as Jay

Recalling their love story, the couple shared they welcomed their first child, Harrison, in 2011 after a whirlwind romance and tied the knot soon after. By 2013, the family grew with the arrival of their second child, Jude.

While ‘The Inbetweeners’ might be old hat, its impact isn’t. James quickly defends the comedic elements, asserting that the young characters’ “idiocy” drove the humour, even if some now consider them outdated.

Reflecting on his Cameo journey, he said, “I’m always surprised by the success of anything.” However, his wife Clair playfully shed some light on his recordings’ dynamics. She shared, “He sneaks off to the guest room to record, away from the kids.”

James Buckley and his wife, Clair
James and wife, Clair Buckley run their own podcast

Clair shed light on her experience being married to a celeb. In her words, “It’s sometimes funny, and it’s sometimes lovely.” James, ever the nostalgic, finds the show’s legacy ‘lovely’.

Discussing their podcast, James chimed in that it’s a natural progression from their vlog, saying, “A lot of our podcasts are just us chatting on the go.” But, as ever, he stays grounded, admitting, “I’m the eternal class clown… That’s why Clair does the editing.”

And as for their kids possibly stepping into showbiz? James believes they can be anything they desire, but, in a true dad fashion, insists the mini Buckley’s “concentrate on school” because he feels insecure about his education. Good on him!

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