Katie Hopkins forced to cut pub gig short after windows smashed at the venue

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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A window was smashed at a pub after controversial commentator Katie Hopkins performed a comedy gig last night, Thursday.

Ms Hopkins, known for her outspoken views and a string of controversies, appeared at the Star Inn, Whiteshill, for a comedy gig. The event, however, took an unexpected turn as a window at the venue was smashed post-performance. Contrary to speculation, there is no indication that the damage is linked to the protesters who gathered beforehand.

Police, who were present to ensure public safety during the peaceful protest, issued a statement confirming that the demonstration concluded safely. A police spokesperson tried to play down the event. They said, “Officers were there to ensure public safety while allowing people their right to carry out a safe and peaceful protest.

“No arrests were made, and the protest concluded safely.” The shattered window at the pub, captured in a photo shared on social media, reveals a large glass panel damaged near a patio door.

Katie Hopkins began her live stand-up in October 2023.

Katie Hopkins Has Always Caused Controversy

In the 2009 European Parliament Election, Hopkins delved into politics as an independent candidate. The aspiring politician polled 0.6% of the total votes in the South West England Constituency. Over the years, she has stirred controversy with her provocative statements. These include actions such as expressing unsettling sentiments at a UKIP event in 2015. After making derogatory comments about Michelle Mone’s appointment to the House of Lords, she shockingly remarked, “Frankly, I don’t really mind if we seal up the room and gas the lot of them.”

Despite her controversial remarks, UKIP maintained in 2015 that Hopkins was not a party member. However, in January 2021, she successfully joined UKIP. Hopkins stated, “People always ask me… when am I going to do something smarter than just gob off on social media?”

Katie Hopkins has a history of controversies, including a libel case involving cookery writer Jack Monroe. Hopkins falsely accused Monroe of vandalising a war memorial, leading to a legal battle that ended with Hopkins paying £24,000 in damages and £107,000 in legal costs. Another incident involved the Mahmood family, who received £150,000 in damages from the Daily Mail. These were after false claims by Hopkins that they were extremists.

Deportation From Australia

In 2017, Hopkins faced backlash after falsely accusing teacher Jackie Teale of taking her class to a Donald Trump protest. The Daily Mirror also lost an IPSO case in 2018 against Hopkins, who was falsely accused of taking ketamine. More recently, in October 2020, Hopkins issued an apology after falsely linking Finsbury Park Mosque to a violent incident in May 2020.

Katie was deported from Australia in 2021 after breaching COVID-19 rules.

Hopkins’ controversies extended to international incidents, leading to her deportation from Australia in July 2021. Her appearance on the Australian Big Brother VIP series ended abruptly when she breached COVID-19 health regulations. Hopkins was fined $A1,000, and her visa was cancelled, resulting in her swift deportation from the country.

Katie Hopkins, born on February 13, 1975, remains a polarising figure known for her far-right political commentary. Despite being permanently suspended from Twitter in June 2020, she returned to the platform in November 2023. Her presence in the media landscape continues to spark debates, legal battles, protests, and petitions.

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