Kauro Mitoma turned down many top clubs to study for an unusual degree

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Brighton Star Mitoma Has the Most Unusual Degree

If you’ve been following the Premier League action lately, you’ll know that there’s a new star on the rise – and he’s not your typical football sensation. Kaoru Mitoma, the Japanese winger, has been tearing it up for Brighton, leaving defenders embarrassed and opposition managers baffled. But what sets Mitoma apart isn’t just his skill on the field; his unique academic background is turning heads.

A Brief Summary of Mitoma’s Journey

From the streets of Hita, Ōita, Japan, to the grand stage of the Premier League, Mitoma’s journey has been remarkable. Born on May 20, 1997, he honed his skills in the Frontale academy, making a name for himself as a left winger with dazzling dribbles. But here’s where things take an exciting twist.

At the age of 19, Mitoma made a bold decision. Despite being offered a professional contract by J1 League side Kawasaki Frontale, Mitoma felt he wasn’t physically ready for the top level. Instead, he embarked on a journey of self-discovery and education, enrolling at the University of Tsukuba to pursue a degree in Physical Education. Little did anyone know this decision would play a pivotal role in shaping the unique player he would become.

During his university days, Mitoma delved deep into the art of dribbling. He chose to analyse the intricate details of dribbling – a skill he held dear to his heart. He didn’t stop at studying his moves; he used his teammates as subjects, strapping cameras to their heads to dissect the movements that make an excellent dribbler genuinely exceptional. All of this research culminated in a degree that has become his secret weapon on the pitch – theosis in dribbling.

A young Mitoma before making a name for himself in football
Mitoma (2nd from left) snubbed the professional game to study at university.

Unveiling the Theosis in Dribbling

The term “theosis” might not be one you often hear in football, but for Mitoma, it’s helped with his success. Simply, it’s a transformational process – a journey towards becoming something greater. For Mitoma, it meant evolving into a dribbling maestro, revolutionising how he approached the game.

Through meticulous study, Mitoma realized that great players don’t just focus on the ball; they look ahead, anticipating movements and seamlessly controlling the ball without ever taking their eyes off the bigger picture. This insight became the cornerstone of his playing style. He learned he could gain an advantage on by shifting his opponents’ centre of gravity and manipulating their movements.

Putting Theory into Practice

Mitoma’s dedication to his academic pursuits paid off in ways no one could have predicted. His unique dribbling style, backed by his theosis degree, has transformed him into a force to be reckoned with on the Premier League stage. His instinctive runs, swift manoeuvres, and ability to leave defenders in his wake have become trademarks of his style of play.

Even though he doesn’t consciously analyse his thesis while in the heat of a Premier League match, Mitoma’s intuition is undoubtedly influenced by his academic journey. The results speak for themselves – his stats are a testament to the impact of his theosis in dribbling.

Mitoma: The Unstoppable Force

Mitoma’s start to the 2022/23 season has seen him continue where he left off. His performance against Wolves in a decisive 4-1 victory saw his theory played out on the pitch. With the score level at 0-0, Mitoma ran through 5 Wolves players before cooly slotting into the net.

Mitoma is one of the Premier League's hottest properties
Many top clubs are keeping their eye on the Japanese International’s progress.

The Brighton star’s journey from university research to the Premier League is a tale of dedication and pursuit of excellence. With his distinctive playing style and unconventional academic background, Mitoma is somewhat of a rarity and a much sought-after one.

So, the next time you witness Mitoma weaving through defenders, remember that behind every dribble is a story. It is a story of academic exploration, self-improvement, and putting theory into practice.

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