Kevin Bridges reveals Billy Connolly’s emotional email to him after his father’s death

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Kevin Bridges recently shared a touching story of receiving an emotional email from Sir Billy Connolly after the tragic death of his father. Kevin’s father, Andy, sadly passed away at the age of 75. The heartfelt message from the Big Yin provided comfort and solace to Kevin, his brother, and his mother during their time of grieving.

The Clydebank comedian is known for his impressive stand-up career and various accolades. This includes presenting Sir Billy Connolly with a Lifetime Achievement award in 2012. Bridges recently opened up on the comments of the Email he received. Kevin, 37, expressed his gratitude, saying, “It was so well-worded, nice and genuinely warm. It made a difference to me, my brother and my mum.”

Sir Billy Connolly and Kevin Bridges had forged a strong friendship over the years. They deepened their connection after meeting at an awards ceremony 11 years ago. Despite Sir Billy now residing in Florida, the legendary comedian took the time to reach out to Kevin when he learned of the heartbreaking loss earlier this year.

Big Yin Email Comforts Kevin Bridges And Family

Kevin lost his father, Andy, back in January.

Kevin reflected on their friendship: “We used to email each other every Christmas Day, and he sent me a lovely email when he heard my dad had died“. The email from Sir Billy was not just a casual condolence but a profound message that touched Kevin’s heart. Kevin continued:“You’re not a comedian or a peer, you’re just a guy that’s in a family that’s been really torn apart. It was so nice of him.” 

In Kevin’s own words, “It was really nice to receive. It made a difference to me, my brother and my mum — the fact that someone like Billy Connolly is taking the time to email us”. This unexpected gesture from Sir Billy, a comedy icon, demonstrated the compassion of the Big Yin.

In addition to offering heartfelt condolences, Sir Billy Connolly managed to bring a smile to Kevin’s face even amid grief. Kevin revealed, “He changed the message at the bottom to say it was sent from his ‘aye phone,’ rather than his iPhone. It was really class.”

Comedian Set Continue TV Work

Kevin Bridges and Billy Connolly
Kevin Bridges and Sir Billy Connolly together back in 2012.

Kevin Bridges rose to fame with his debut solo show at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival in 2006. His career has since soared, marked by sold-out performances, record-breaking tours, and critical acclaim. Despite facing a period of disillusionment with stand-up, Kevin returned in 2018 with his Brand New Tour. He earned accolades and became the first comedian to top Ticketmaster’s annual poll.

In a bustling TV career, Kevin Bridges has appeared on many notable shows. These include Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow, Live at the Apollo, and 8 out of 10 Cats. His comedy specials, DVDs, and television contributions have solidified his status as a prominent figure in the comedy scene.

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