Liam Gallagher rips into Peter Kay but the comedian doesn’t have kind words for him either

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Comedian Peter Kay and rockstar Liam Gallagher’s clash at the 2010 Brit Awards sparked an enduring feud that persists today. Kay’s ban from hosting the iconic music award show is attributed to the recent revelation about the infamous spat.

The drama unfolded a decade ago when Gallagher, collecting the award for Best Album of 30 Years, threw his microphone and trophy into the crowd. Reacting to the brash move, Kay didn’t hold back, calling the Oasis frontman a “k***head” live on stage. Reflecting on the incident in his autobiography, Kay stated, “What a khead, I thought. So I said just that when I walked back to the mic ‘what a k***head.'”

Public Fallout Continued On Social Media

This public spat didn’t end with the mic drop. Gallagher took to social media, firing back at the comedian, emphasising his northern roots. Gallagher said:“As a real northerner I was brought up 2 say st 2 people’s faces not behind their back. Live forever LG.” In an unexpected turn, Kay responded on his website, congratulating the winners and subtly jabbing back at Gallagher, saying, “Noel Gallagher who sadly didn’t get a mention (and who thankfully isn’t a k***head).”

The incident at the 2010 Brit Awards happened just after Liam picked up the award.

Fast forward to 2022, and the embers of this feud were still smouldering. When asked if he would attend Peter Kay’s tour, Gallagher retorted, “F**k him the balloon knot.” Fans speculated that this dislike might be rooted in the 2010 Brit Awards incident. Gallagher, addressing the ‘beef’ on Twitter, revealed, “He started crying coz I threw a microphone in the crowd like big tart then slagged me when I’m in my car anyways regardless of all that he’s not even funny.”

Kay’s Record-Breaking Tour In Full Swing

Despite this ongoing clash, Peter Kay is making headlines with his comeback tour. The Better Late Than Never UK arena tour, promises laughter across multiple cities. Its visits include Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle, Belfast, Glasgow, Leeds, and Cardiff. Adding to the excitement, Kay also has a monthly residency at London’s O2.

In 2022, Liam carried on the spat.

As Peter Kay sets ticket prices at an accessible £35, reminiscent of his 2010 tour, fans are scrambling to secure a seat. The O2 grappled with demand last year, stating: “We’re seeing unprecedented demand for Peter Kay tickets & we know a lot of you can’t access Priority. Sorry, we’re working on it. Please be patient; this is by far the highest demand we’ve ever seen for Priority Tickets in 15 years.”

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