Marco Boogers: The former West Ham hothead known for living in a caravan has been found!

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Few Premier League tales rival the curiosity surrounding Marco Boogers, an eccentric character in Premier League history. While he might not be a household name in the Premier League, his brief stint in the top flight is still remembered. Boogers’ journey, marked by a brutal tackle on Gary Neville and the notorious caravan myth, is mysterious.”

Marco Boogers had gained recognition in his native Holland for almost a decade before joining the Premier League. Playing for clubs like DS’79, FC Utrecht, and Sparta Rotterdam, Boogers had a respectable career in Dutch football. However, his move to West Ham United in 1995 would make him a memorable.

Under the management of Harry Redknapp, West Ham splashed £1 million to acquire Boogers’ services, despite Redknapp admitting that he had never seen the forward play. This move raised eyebrows, setting the stage for a Premier League journey that would be anything but ordinary.

The Gary Neville Tackle

In just his second appearance for West Ham, Marco Boogers made headlines for all the wrong reasons. He entered as a second-half sub against Manchester United, quickly delivering a brutal tackle to Gary Neville at Old Trafford. It left the Man Utd players baying for his blood. The media labeled it a “horror tackle,” amid claims Boogers aimed to harm a Manchester United player purposely. Boogers defended himself, attributing the tackle to the wet grass, but he couldn’t escape the four-match ban that followed.

Booger’s tackle on Gary Neville enraged the Man Utd players.

Amidst the chaos surrounding Boogers’ controversial tackle and subsequent ban, a peculiar rumour emerged. It was reported that the Dutch striker was living in a caravan back in the Netherlands, to avoid the press.

The Truth Behind The Caravan Myth

However, it turns out that the caravan legend was born out of a misunderstanding. West Ham’s travel arranger, Bill Prosser, clarified that Boogers’ absence from the club was due to a miscommunication. Prosser mentioned that Boogers might have gone back to Holland by car, but this innocent remark was mistakenly interpreted as him living in a caravan. Thus, one of football’s great myths was debunked. Prosser said:

 “West Ham’s Clubcall reporter phoned me and said he was trying to find Boogers for an interview but could not reach him.

“He asked if I had booked any flights for him. I told him I hadn’t, but added: ‘If he has gone back to Holland, he’s probably gone by car again’. The reporter misheard me and stated on Clubcall that I had said ‘If he’s gone back to Holland, he’s probably gone to his caravan’.”

Where is Marco Boogers Now?

Fast forward to today, and Marco Boogers has a very different life. He now runs a family logistics business, QLS (Quality Logistic Services), where he serves as the technical director. Boogers’ life has completely turned from his days on the football pitch.

Marco Boogers now
Boogers now runs a logistics firm with his son.

Speaking about his new venture to TMV, Boogers exudes happiness and satisfaction. He shares, “At least we have a vision here.” QLS has come a long way since its inception, with an impressive view of the Railway Bridge in Dordrecht from its headquarters. The company has grown substantially, employing over 350 people, and has recently invested in automation to keep up with the ever-expanding world of online shopping.

Boogers has a long term vision for the company

The Boogers family, including son Quincy, who is set to become the general manager in 2024, is deeply involved in the business. They emphasise a no-nonsense mentality, family ties, and a long-term vision.

Boogers reflects on his journey, stating, “We have learned from our many mistakes.” He credits his wife, Patricia, for her pivotal role in developing the company’s IT platform, which has been instrumental in its growth.

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