Michael McIntyre is ‘as funny as a kick in the b******s’ claims popular TV comedian star

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Veteran comedian Jimmy Tarbuck has taken aim at some of the biggest names in comedy, including the beloved Michael McIntyre. Tarbuck, 84, didn’t hold back when asked about McIntyre, describing him as a “fat fella” who “bounces” around the stage. The comments come as a shock to many, considering McIntyre’s status as one of the UK’s most loved comics.

Tarbuck didn’t mince words when discussing McIntyre, stating, “Is he the fat fella who bounces round the stage? He wants to be careful, him…he’ll fall into the orchestra pit.” This brutal remark from Tarbuck has been labelled “childish” by some critics.

Tarbuck delivered another blow, when asked about McIntyre’s comedic abilities asserting, “…he’s as funny as a kick in the b******s.” These harsh words reflect Tarbuck’s distinct taste in comedy, which leans towards older comedic styles.

McIntyre is not the only comedian in the firing line of Tarbuck

Tarbuck, who is embarking on a stand-up tour of the UK, didn’t shy away from sharing his thoughts on other comedians either. He labelled Sarah Millican as “too vulgar,” Rowan Atkinson as a “show-off,” and Frank Skinner as “too explicit.”

Jimmy Tarbuck has taken aim at Micheal McIntyre and other famous comedians.

Despite Tarbuck’s harsh analysis of Michael McIntyre’s comedic performances, McIntyre’s successful career speaks for itself. Rising to prominence in 1999, McIntyre has become one of the most successful comedians in the business. His numerous appearances on popular shows like Live at the Apollo and Mock the Week, coupled with his best-selling DVDs and memoirs, attest to his widespread appeal.

Jimmy Tarbuck’s own legacy in the world of comedy is also undeniable. As a host of iconic TV shows such as Sunday Night at the London Palladium and various game shows, he has been a big name on the British comedy scene since the 1960s.

Despite his rantings about fellow comedians, Tarbuck did express admiration for funnymen such as Peter Kay, Des O’Connor, Bruce Forsyth, and Dave Allen.

Tarbuck’s comments result in backlash from X users.

Not everyone agrees with Jimmy Tarbuck’s assessment. Comments from readers of the Daily Star suggest a mixed reaction, with some acknowledging Tarbuck’s perspective while others dismiss his criticism as unwarranted. One reader remarked, “Not a fan of McIntyre but coming from a man who made his career telling the same jokes thousands of times, it’s a bit rich.”

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