New crazy BBC hen party comedy Henpocalypse! has a cameo of EastEnders legend in it

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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In what promises to be one of the most hilariously outrageous TV moments of the year, Britain’s very own rough diamond, Danny Dyer, is set to bring his own blend of cheeky charm to a raucous hen do turned apocalyptic escapade, with the BBC’s latest comedy, Henpocalypse! And trust us, this is a hen do you won’t want to miss out on.

Picture this: Zara, a bride-in-the-making, is eagerly gearing up for what should be the most memorable night before tying the knot. Joined by her boisterous group of West Midlander friends, they head to a cosy Welsh holiday cottage to let loose. But, what was supposed to be a night of fun and revelry turns into a bizarre waiting game as the world outside comes to an end. Emerging from their tipsy quarantine, the ladies find that all the men have been wiped out save for one: their male stripper.

Five women, one hen weekend, and an unexpected apocalypse – Welcome to ‘Henpocalypse!’

The stage is set for a laugh-out-loud adventure as these fiercely loyal pals navigate an apocalyptic landscape, battling against fierce Pilates instructors gone rogue and wielding unconventional weapons (think sex toys turned spears). It’s mad, it’s zany, but with Danny Dyer in the mix, it’s bound to be comical.

Anyone familiar with Danny Dyer’s wild antics on and off-screen knows that the EastEnders legend is no stranger to a raucous party. Drawing from his own wild stag do escapades, which apparently involved an ‘intended’ sophisticated safari that turned into a messy blur with monkeys, Danny plays a heightened version of himself in the series. This time, with a sprinkle of fantasy, as he transforms into a charming Pride and Prejudice gent, a formidable Viking, and a mischievous Hobbit.

But all men were wiped out by the apocalypse, weren’t they? That’s right, his appearance isn’t even in part of the show’s reality. He materialises in the daydreams of Kate O’Flynn’s character, Jen, who’s high on fever from a nasty case of gangrene. Poor Jen is left bedridden, imagining that the nation’s heartthrob, Mr Dyer, is right there with her on her wild journey through the post-apocalyptic Welsh wilderness.

In “Henpocalypse,” Danny morphs into a Hobbit, a Viking, and a “Pride and Prejudice” gentleman, here, sharing the screen with Kate O’Flynn.

In typical Dyer fashion, he mused about the show, “It’s mental, innit? One minute, you’re sipping a cocktail; the next, everyone’s bloke is gone. Then there’s me, popping up in Kate’s hallucinations, giving it the big one. Mad as a bag of frogs!”

His involvement came about when the show’s writer, the brilliant Caroline Moran, pitched him the concept, having written the role specifically with him in mind. To put it mildly, Moran’s vision of Dyer was a whimsically articulate version of the man himself. It’s not every day you hear of Danny Dyer being described as ‘whimsical,’ but in the wacky world of Henpocalypse!, anything’s possible.

Dyer, clearly tickled by Moran’s perception of him, quipped, “I’ve played hard men, gangsters, but this? A whimsical version of myself in a dream? It’s a proper giggle. Caroline’s got this idea of me in her head, and I’m all for it. Anything to make Kate’s character feel a bit more butch, right?”

Dany Dyer had the role written specifically for him

While Henpocalypse! promises to be a wild ride filled with laughs, unexpected twists, and, yes, Danny Dyer in the most unlikely of avatars, it’s also a testament to the lengths friends will go to support each other, even in the face of unimaginable adversity.

So, tune in for a hilarious glimpse into a post-apocalyptic world where EastEnders meets Pride and Prejudice, with a sprinkle of Mad Max and a dash of Danny Dyer’s unique flair. This isn’t just another hen do, it’s the Henpocalypse! Catch all the madness, mischief, and Danny Dyer-fuelled daydreams on BBC Two at 10 pm, August 15. It’s going to be a rollercoaster you won’t want to get off!

Check out the trailer here:

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