Only Fools and Horses actor Patrick Murray’s A&E nightmare wait after revealing sad cancer news

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Patrick Murray, known for his Mickey Pearce role in Only Fools and Horses has an awful A & E experience.

Actor Patrick Murray, famed for his role in “Only Fools and Horses“, found himself languishing for 10 gruelling hours in the A&E wing, only to turn tail and head home without receiving care. A stark reminder, as he points out, that our beloved NHS might be in a spot of bother.

Patrick Murray is famed for his Only Fools and Horses role as Mickey Pearce

The 66-year-old actor, who’s faced the cruel clutches of cancer before and, heartbreakingly, revealed earlier this year that the illness had reared its ugly head once again, expressed his dismay at the strained healthcare system. He took to X, (formley Twitter), in the early hours to say: “Ten hours waiting in A&E is a right old palaver. I gave up and went home. The workers are top-notch, but by George, the system’s gone pear-shaped.”

After directing Patrick to the emergency department because of a soaring fever from his chemotherapy treatment, he made a chilling disclosure. His condition, now more threatening than ever, has ventured into his pelvis, legs, and lymphatic system, despite the hope-filled announcement in January that he had received the all-clear.

Patrick Murray has had several complications with cancer
Patrick’s visit to A & E was a disaster

But while many rallied around Patrick sending well wishes, one blunt X user questioned his need to be in A&E. They quipped, “Maybe try the doctors or pharmacist next time.” Not one to be trifled with, Patrick fired back, making it crystal clear: “I was sent there by the chemo dept because I was running a fever. Infections can be right deadly when you’re on chemo. If you have any more patronising advice, bob’s your uncle, but keep it zipped.”

Earlier this year, in a candid heart-to-heart, Patrick conveyed the unspeakable pain he has endured since his diagnosis. He emotionally revealed that he often finds himself ‘screaming in his head’ from the sheer agony of it all. The mere act of walking has become a Herculean task. Despite these bleak moments, Patrick remains a trooper. Sharing with The Sun, he recounted the torment of his ordeal: “The loo’s just ten yards away, but it feels like I’ve trudged through half of Blighty to get there.” But, ever the fighter, he remains hopeful. As he undergoes radiology treatment, he noted the pain is gradually easing.

Patrick Murray was not impressed with a X user who he called a troll
Patrick wasn’t impressed and accused an X user of being a troll.

It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions for Patrick. Diagnosed with lung cancer, he underwent a liver operation in 2023, only to hear the disease had made a comeback. But amid the doom and gloom, there’s a glimmer of hope. Thanks to modern medicine, Patrick learned he still has time left.

Ever the family man, Patrick’s eyes are firmly set on the future. The doting dad is eager to watch his young daughter Josie blossom into the gem he knows she’ll become. In his own words: “Hopefully, if all this treatment goes on the straight and narrow, and I’m still pottering about, I’ll get to see [Josie] flourish. That’s the bee’s knees for me.”

As fans support him, Patrick aka Micky Pearce, dreams of donning his iconic role one last time. And while the series’ writer John Sullivan, is no longer with us, Patrick believes a reboot could be successful. He stated: “If the script’s up to snuff, I reckon the others would be game too.”

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