Only Fools’ Trigger is one the best British comedy characters of all time: Here’s 5 reasons why

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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It’s impossible to talk about “Only Fools and Horses”, arguably the best British comedy of all time, without paying homage to the one and only Trigger. A character of unmatched dim-witted charm, Trigger, portrayed by the brilliant Roger Lloyd-Pack, holds a special place in the hearts of fans and remains an integral part of the show’s enduring success.

Trigger is the character who can turn a mundane situation into a moment of comic genius. So in tribute, here ere are five solid reasons Trigger is one of the best British comedy characters ever.

  1. The Broom Scene

If there’s one scene that sums up Trigger in all his glory, it’s the infamous broom scene. In this scene, Trigger proudly states he’s had his road sweeper’s broom for 20 years. However, he admits it’s had 17 new heads and 14 new handles, but “it’s the same broom.” It’s an unforgettable moment of British comedy that encapsulates Trigger’s lack of common sense and unique logic. That scene alone gives him legendary status in British comedy.

  1. Trigger’s Entrance – A Laugh Magnet

John Sullivan, the brilliant writer behind “Only Fools and Horses”, once said that Trigger was such a brilliantly constructed character that he could make the audience laugh just by walking into a room. And he wasn’t wrong. Trigger’s entrance always heralded the promise of laughter. His unique demeanor and his slow, puzzled expression was enough to make audiences crack up in anticipation of the next hilarious twist.

  1. Less is More with Trigger’s Dialogues

Trigger wasn’t known for his long speeches, but when he did have something to say, it was comedy gold. He managed to turn simple greetings and straightforward replies into unforgettable lines, such as his iconic, “Alright Dave?” or his brilliantly funny response to Del’s question, “I thought you said it was open 24 hours a day,” to which Trigger replies, “Yeah, but not at night”—these nuggets of humour showcase Trigger’s unique style of comedy that makes the mundane hilarious.

  1. The King of Deadpan

Trigger’s deadpan expression added another layer of comedy to his character. He was hardly ever phased by anything, even when Del spectacularly falls through an open bar hatch, Trigger doesn’t react to Del Boy disappearing and reappearing again. His only concern? “Aren’t you gonna try for them birds?” Roger Lloyd-Pack’s ability to pull off such an expression time and time again and still be funny is a testament to his character’s brilliantly crafted comedy.

  1. We All Know a Trigger

Trigger is one of the best British comedy characters of all time because of his relatability. We all know a Trigger in our lives. Sure, they might not be as clueless, but there’s always that one person in a group who is a little out of sync with everyone else. But, like Trigger, they’re often the most endearing, the most loved. Trigger reminds us to laugh at ourselves and to appreciate those eccentric characters in our lives.

Trigger is a character who has captured the hearts of the nation. His unique blend of dim-witted charm, effortless comedy, and relatability have secured his place as one of the best British comedy characters of all time. So, here’s to Trigger, the man who has given us countless belly laughs and proved that sometimes, only fools can be real geniuses.

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