Owain Hughes “..no I don’t” joke explained and discussed by Gavin and Stacey actor himself

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Gavin and Stacey is a TV gem filled with puns, Welsh slang, and mysteries like the Owain Hughes joke.

Ruth Jones and James Corden, creators of the show, haven’t clarified the enigma, leaving fans and celebrities puzzled. There’s been a great deal of chinwagging about its meaning, with even the chap who played Owain chipping in.

Gavin and Stacey first series aired in 2007
The Gavin & Stacey series began back in 2007

In the first episode of Season 3, on his debut day in Cardiff, Gavin meets a colleague named “Owain Hughes”. Without skipping a beat, he adds, “And before you ask, no, I don’t.” This leaves Gavin perplexed while the others are in stitches. When Uncle Bryn meets Owain and asks, “Owain Hughes, and do you?” the resulting laughter baffles Gavin.

Later, Gavin and the ever-jovial Smithy put their noggins together but can’t unravel the cryptic Owain Hughes jest. For those who fancy a trip down memory lane, you can revisit this iconic clip and give the old grey matter a whirl.

Who’s Steven Meo? He portrays Owain Hughes in Gavin and Stacey and manages the company’s website. Meo later starred in ‘The Pembrokeshire Murders’ with Luke Evans, a shift from his comedic role. Recently, he appeared as Rufus Donahue in Coronation Street, surprising fans with his transformation.

Steve Meo as Owain Hughes
Steve Meo hilariously played Owain Hughes

If you’re scratching your head, you’re among many who feel the same. Many in Wales remain puzzled, and even Rob Brydon from the show confessed on Twitter that he’s equally clueless.

The burning question remains: what’s the deal with the Owain Hughes joke?

Rob Brydon weighs in on the big question
Rob Brydon didn’t know what the gag was about, either

Speculation is rife. The leading theory suggests it’s just a diversion for banter, much like the mystery of Uncle Bryn and Jason’s fishing trip.

Some believe it’s a Welsh insider joke, as the show’s Welsh characters laugh heartily while English ones, like Gavin, seem puzzled.


Yet another theory doing the rounds is a play on words: ‘Owain Hughes’ sounding a bit like ‘Owe Wayne Hughes’. So, the question, “And do you?” could be probing if one owes this ‘Wayne Hughes’ some dosh.

Will the mystery surrounding the Owain Hughes joke ever be resolved? We’ll have to wait and see.

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