Paddy McGuinness explains how his “money has run out” as he returns with stand-up tour

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Paddy McGuinness has spilt the beans on his return to stand-up comedy after a six-year hiatus. The catalyst for this comeback? According to the comedian himself, it’s all about the money.

During a chat on Wednesday’s This Morning with Emma Willis and Rylan Clark, McGuinness openly shared why he decided to embark on a new tour. “Erm, well the money’s run out now, so it took about eight years to spend it all, and I’m like, ‘I’ve got to build it back up,'” McGuinness confessed.

He further explained that the hiatus from Top Gear provided the perfect opportunity to plan and execute his return to the stand-up circuit. The BBC announced the indefinite halt of production on Top Gear after co-host Freddie Flintoff’s accident at the Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey. Following the incident, McGuinness thanked fans for their support, emphasising the inappropriate timing for production to continue.

Top Gear Cancellation Opened Up Paddy McGuinness To New Tour

In the wake of Top Gear’s cancellation, McGuinness has actively sought other work, hosting Channel 4’s Tempting Fortune and continuing as the face of A Question of Sport on the BBC. However, the abrupt end of Top Gear undoubtedly had financial repercussions, as he admitted his bank balance had taken a hit.

Paddy McGuiness tour
Paddy is back on tour

Taking to Instagram earlier this week, McGuinness officially announced his return to touring, stating: “I’ve been itching to tell you this! After a six-year break, I’m finally back on Tour!!! Paddy McGuinness – Nearly There. All pre-ticket sale links in my Bio. See you in the New Year… live!!!!”

When questioned by Emma Willis about the timing of his return to stand-up, Paddy McGuinness responded, “Erm, well the money’s run out now, so it took about eight years to spend it all, and I’m like, ‘I’ve got to build it back up.’ So weirdly, writing a tour and putting one on does take a lot of your time. When we had the breather from Top Gear, I’d been planning it for a long time, I went, ‘There’s a window there.’ So I start it next year, but towards the back end of next year. And then it goes into 2025.”

It is also believed that the the seperation of Paddy and his wife, Christine was likely to incur a finacial burden with divorce likely to be confirmed in the near future.

TV Star Looking Forward To First UK Tour In 6 Years

The tour, titled “Paddy McGuinness – Nearly There,” is scheduled for late 2024 and early 2025, with a notable stop at the iconic London Palladium. This marks his first solo stand-up tour since 2015 when he embarked on the “Daddy McGuinness” tour across the UK. During his previous tours in 2005, 2006, and 2011, McGuinness performed in numerous cities, with the “Paddy McGuinness Plus You! Live” tour featuring other variety acts chosen through a competition on his official website.

Top Gear
Top Gear has been cancelled leaving Paddy needing to explaore other means of income

As McGuinness prepares for this exciting return to the stage, fans can anticipate not just laughs but insights into the turbulent years he’s faced, both professionally and personally. The tour promises to be a hilarious exploration of life’s ups and downs, offering audiences a glimpse into the world of one of Britain’s most popular personalities.

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