Rebecca Loos seen in public for first time since Beckham documentary and tells David to ‘man up and publicly apologise’ to Victoria

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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David Beckham’s recent Netflix documentary has once again thrust the 2004 alleged affair scandal into the limelight. Critics and fans alike have compared his response on the platform to his notorious character on the comedy show, Bo Selecta, with some claiming he dodges the hard questions.

Rebecca Loos, the former glamour model and current yoga instructor, is far from pleased. A friend said: ‘Rebecca thinks David should man up and publicly apologise for the pain he caused his wife instead of playing the victim.’ David Beckham has consistently branded the affair allegations as “ludicrous”, and despite never having confirmed or denied them, he has never taken legal action against Ms. Loos either.

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham
The 2004 scandal nearly destroyed David and Victoria Beckham’s marriage

The Beckhams’ documentary showcases their luxurious life, their famed 1999 Irish wedding, and David’s renowned football journey. The series, notably produced by the couple’s own company, didn’t shy away from the scandal. Old TV footages and newspaper clippings concerning the alleged affair made it to the final cut. While David spoke candidly about the strain the allegations put on their marriage, he refrained from addressing the specifics.

The mother-of-two now leads a contented life in Norway, where she enjoys her yoga practice and the breathtaking mountain scenery. But the Netflix series has reopened old wounds. Friends of Rebecca revealed that the scandal has cast a shadow on her peaceful, rural existence. Reflecting on her past, including her News of the World story and reality TV stints, a source said, “Now when she thinks back, she does feel it was a mistake to tell her story in the News of the World, but she does forgive her younger self’s mistakes.”

Life has certainly taken some twists and turns for Rebecca. She married the love of her life, Norwegian doctor Sven Christjar Skaiaa, after meeting him on a reality TV show. The couple has two sons, and Rebecca lovingly refers to them as “my little Vikings.”

Rebecca Loos
Rebecca Loos is living in Norway with her family

Despite her controversial past, Hemsedal neighbours view her as a vital community member. One neighbour shared, “I think people here have a vague idea that something happened with David Beckham, but it’s a long time ago, and Rebecca, like Sven, is part of the community here now, and that’s what counts.”

Rebecca Loos has juggled running a yoga studio with working part-time at her husband’s GP surgery. The pandemic, in particular, brought challenges, forcing her to pivot to online yoga classes.

Rebecca Loos' family
Rebecca Loos with husband Sven and two children: Magnus, 13 and Liam, 10.

The Beckhams’ documentary has stirred emotions and opinions, but Rebecca has her sights set firmly on the future. In a heartfelt blog post, she wrote about her love for the mountains and her commitment to her family, saying, ‘There’s nowhere else we’d rather be. Our children are the happiest in this environment, and we’ve made friendships that have lasted through thick and thin.

‘The recent challenges we have been through these last years have only made our bond stronger and our decision clearer.

Rebecca Loos 2023
Rebecca Loos seen out in public for the first time since the David Beckham documentary aired on Netflix

‘Aside from parenting and some remote work, I plan on teaching yoga (both online and in person), massaging, and working part-time at the medical office. Spending as much of my free time as possible on my yoga mat and out exploring the mountains.

‘I am determined to make life work here. By focusing on the positives and practising gratitude, we’ve come to appreciate all that mountain life has to offer.’

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