Sarah Millican’s appearance on The Chase ended in several complaints by fans

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Comedian Sarah Millican faced unexpected backlash after her appearance on the celebrity version of The Chase in April. Known for winning the Best Newcomer award at the 2008 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Millican has established herself as a household name. Due to this success, the comedian started appearing on various panel shows and game shows.

On The Chase Celebrity, Millican joined former Live And Kicking host Ortis Deley, Graeme Hall, and space scientist Maggie Aderin-Pocock. The team faced The Dark Destroyer Sean Wallis, who offered a substantial £103,000, setting the stage for a potential jackpot win. However, their hopes were dashed, and viewers directed their frustration towards Millican.

Sarah Millican on The Chase
Millican appeared alongside three other celebrities, including The Sky At Night’s Maggy Pocock.

Millican’s Performance Came In For Harsh Criticism

Viewers on social media quickly coined the nickname “Sarah ‘Pass’ Millican” her strategy of frequently passing questions without attempting answers. This strategy, deemed questionable by fans, led to criticism on platforms like Twitter.

@manaboutldn said: “I think Sarah Millican is passing far too quickly. Not even attempting an answer is silly. Her fellow team members might have been able to answer if they’d had a chance!!

@ITVChase” @maycewindu said: “They should have at least guessed a few of those passes.”

@philm2244 said: “Sarah, give somebody else a chance.#thechase” They were too slow and too many passes. Didn’t stand a chance.”

@blondemzungu said: “Too many passes, not enough guesses #thechase #celebritychase” @jeanolean said: “Sarah ruined that for them. #thechase”

@josh_earl said: “Sarah “pass” Millican #TheChase #CelebrityChase”

@jamesN1991 said: “Too much passing Sarah. #TheChase” @jeanoloan said: “Stop passing Sarah..the others know those answers! #thechase”@agitatedgoose said: “Millican the queen of pass”

Despite the criticism, it’s worth noting that Millican had earlier played strategically. She chose the £3,000 offer from The Chaser to secure her place in the final rather than risking a higher offer that could have complicated matters. Nevertheless, the backlash on social media continued, with viewers pointing out that her approach may have cost the team the prize.

New Tour Announced For 2023/2024

However, As of November 2023, Sarah Millican has continued to thrive in her career. She announced her new tour, “Late Bloomer,” is scheduled to run for over 100 shows from September 2023 to October 2024.

The Geordie comedian is currently on her new tour, “Late Bloomer”, which runs until mid-2024.

Millican’s online presence has also flourished, with her YouTube channel accumulating over 65 million views and 400,000 subscribers. During the lockdown in early 2020, she engaged her audience with a series of videos titled “How to Be Champion Storytime,” where she read sections from her autobiography daily. In 2021, she embarked on a UK tour with her sixth stand-up show, “Bobby Dazzler”. Sarah also released a live recording of the show in February 2023, exclusively via her website.

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