Mark Labbett’s dancing ambition after 10 stone weight loss and finding new love

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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“The Beast” strikes again, but this time it’s not on the quiz show ‘The Chase’ – Mark Labbett, known for his size and impressive general knowledge skills, has revealed a surprising ambition that has astonished fans. The 57-year-old quizzer, now famously slim after shedding a whopping 10 stone, is setting his sights on the Glitterball Trophy and a place on the glittering dance floor of ‘Strictly Come Dancing.’ And he’s not doing it alone! His new girlfriend, TV presenter Hayley Palmer, is convinced she can help him achieve this dancing dream.

Hayley, 41, has spilt the beans on their five-month romance, unveiling the sweet gestures that won her heart. From delightful freebie roast dinners at Toby Carvery to boxes of Maltesers, Mark’s moves off the dance floor are almost as impressive as his quizzing skills!

But there’s more to this couple than just cosy dinners and sweet treats. Mark’s desire to strut his stuff on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ surprised many. The telly brain box expressed his passion for the show in private conversations with Hayley. What makes this ambition even more intriguing is that Hayley herself used to be a dancer and is eager to support her beau in this newfound pursuit.

The couple’s love story began at the National Television Awards last year, but it wasn’t until recently that sparks flew between them. Finding love with Hayley was a much-needed ray of sunshine for Mark, who was going through a challenging time following his split from his ex-wife Katie during the pandemic.

Mark Labbett and Hayley Palmer’s new raltionship is going well

After battling COVID-19, Mark decided to make a significant lifestyle change, resulting in an astounding 10-stone weight loss. But don’t be fooled; the 6″7 trivia master still loves his food. He did impress Hayley by having a Toby Cavery gold card that allows him to get free dinners at the popular chain. It seems he’s a man who knows how to enjoy the best of both worlds!

Hayley is praised for her “big teddy bear” of a boyfriend, describing him as incredibly romantic and showing her affectionate cuddles. Their recent trip to LA involved indulging in cheese toasties and fries while they enjoyed personalized shopping sprees, purchasing bags and luxury face creams engraved with their names.

Despite the blossoming romance, the couple does face one challenge – the distance between them. Hayley resides in Chelsea, London, while Mark lives in Rotherham, 150 miles away. But they remain optimistic, with Mark considering moving to the capital to be closer to his work and new love.

So, could “The Beast” soon swap his quiz podium for the dance floor? We’ll have to wait and see if this formidable brain box trades trivia for the cha-cha, but one thing is for sure – Mark Labbett and Hayley Palmer are enjoying their new relationship. Best of luck to them!

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