Shameless creator Paul Abbot shares his 5 favourite episodes from the series

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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Paul Abbott, the visionary creator, presents a selection of his top five favourite episodes, accompanied by insightful that shed light on their creation and impact.

Series 1, Episode 4: A Touch of Compelling Comedy In this episode, we venture into emotionally charged territory as Debbie takes a drastic step, abducting a young child to fill the void left by her mother’s abandonment. The timing was delicate, as real-life incidents were still fresh in the minds of our audience. However, we infused the narrative with compelling drama and humour, proving that Shameless can ingeniously subvert any situation.

Series 5, Episode 5: A Hilarious Twist of Fate Amidst moments of post-coital intimacy between Micky Maguire and Ian Gallagher, an unexpected interruption by Paddy Maguire adds a hilarious twist. The potential for a heart attack looms large for Micky, fearing his father’s wrath. Yet, the unpredictability shines through as Paddy’s response takes a surprising turn, resulting in a comedic gem that earned a resounding five-star approval.

Series 6, Episode 3: The Unconventional Juror Frank’s escapades lead him to an unfathomable summons for jury service. Seizing the opportunity, he embarks on a journey of exploitation, obstructing the verdicts to amass expenses in his favour. This episode encapsulates the essence of Frank’s character, showcasing his audacious and relentless pursuit of personal gain.

Series 8, Episode 18: Tugging at Heartstrings A cloud of suspicion hangs over Frank in a GBH investigation, challenging even the staunchest believers in his innocence. As evidence accumulates against him, a poignant moment between father and son, Carl, tugs at our heartstrings. This touching interaction highlights the complexity of their relationship, revealing Carl’s surprising shift to a parental role, a bittersweet ingredient that has remained unique to Shameless.

Series 11, Episode 1: A Farewell to Chatsworth In the inaugural episode of our final series, Mimi immerses herself in the local comprehensive’s dynamics. At the same time, Frank finds himself in a comically dangerous encounter with two formidable figures known as ‘the Gastric Bandits.’ As we bid adieu to Chatsworth, the series embarks on an electrifying journey filled with stunning surprises that pay tribute to our legacy and the extraordinary world we’ve brought to life.

Paul Abbott’s selection of these five episodes reflects the tapestry of creativity, humour, and emotion that defines Shameless. With each narrative twist and character portrayal, we invite audiences to relive the magic that has made Shameless an unparalleled and unforgettable journey.

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