Sian Gibson ‘jumped at the chance to work with Car Share writer for her latest BBC comedy

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Comedy queen Sian Gibson is back with a bang as she spills the beans on her latest side-splitting venture, “The Power of Parker.” And guess what? She couldn’t be more thrilled to team up with her Car Share co-writer, Paul Coleman, for this rib-tickling BBC comedy. Get ready for some belly-aching laughs, folks!

Sian, famous for her uproarious appearances on Taskmaster and her unforgettable chemistry with funnyman Peter Kay in Car Share, joined The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, to give us a sneak peek into the uproarious world of “The Power of Parker.” Brace yourselves, because this six-episode rollercoaster of hilarity is set to hit BBC One screens this Friday, July 28th!

So, what’s the deal with “The Power of Parker”? Well, it’s a riotous escapade set in 1990s Stockport, centring around the life of Martin Parker, played by the fabulous Conleth Hill. He’s got it all – the dream family, the fancy house – but, hang on, trouble lurks just around the corner!

“He’s in a lot of debt. He’s borrowed money from the wrong people, and now everyone is out to get him,” revealed Sian, giving us a tantalizing glimpse into the chaos that awaits.

But that’s not all! Prepare for the ultimate love triangle as Sian’s character, Kath, finds herself entangled in a 25-year-long secret affair with the charismatic Martin. And with George Costigan as Dougie, Sheila Reid as Gladys, and Rosie Cavaliero as Diane, Martin’s wife, you can expect more comedic fireworks than Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. Oh, and we promise, there won’t be any rabbits!

And what makes “The Power of Parker” even more uproarious is the collaboration between Sian Gibson and Paul Coleman, the brains behind the BAFTA-winning Car Share, which kept us all giggling from 2015 to 2018. “I’ve known Paul for years,” said Sian excitedly. “And he asked me to co-write The Power of Parker with him. I jumped at the chance! The cast is fantastic, and I just hope people have a right good laugh.”

In the series, Sian plays Kath, a lively mobile hairdresser in a retirement home who knows how to keep everyone entertained with her bubbly personality. And for the role, she took a brave plunge into new hair colour. “I thought, for people to really see me as Kath, I’m gonna bleach my hair blonde. My hairdresser was on holiday, couldn’t do it. So I just went into any random hairdresser in Manchester. Nine hours, and I came out looking like a broken Barbie!”

Get those giggles ready and mark your calendars, because “The Power of Parker” promises to be an absolute riot! With Sian Gibson’s unmatched comedic talent and her previous successes in the world of laughter, fans are undoubtedly buzzing with excitement for this new comedy gem.

Don’t miss out on all the hilarity, as “The Power of Parker” premieres on BBC One this Friday, July 28th. And Sian Gibson’s new comedy promises to give you some belly laughs!

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