Sir Billy Connolly reveals where his final resting place will be..and it’s beautiful

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Sir Billy Connolly has recently shared his heartfelt desire to return to his Scottish roots for his final resting place. The 81-year-old, known affectionately as the Big Yin, expressed his wish to be buried in the enchanting surroundings of Loch Lomond, describing the spot as “beautiful” during an episode of ITV’s Ultimate World Tour back in 2018.

While reminiscing about his days in the Cub Scouts at Loch Lomond’s Inversnaid, Sir Billy shared, “I remember standing by the shores of Loch Lomond, and the sky was beautiful. I’d like to die there. It’s a weird subject to bring up, but I wouldn’t like to stay away forever. I’d like to be planted there eventually – in Loch Lomond.”

Sir Billy Connolly also added:  “I remember standing by the shores of Loch Lomond, Inversnaid, and the sky was beautiful. I remember that line, I forget whose line it is: ‘Breathes there the man, with soul so dead, who never to himself hath said, this is my own, my native land.’

Billy Connolly’s strong connection to Loch Lomond

His connection to Scotland remains strong, with an enduring love for his native land evident in his desire for a final resting place that holds sentimental value. The comedian, who has been residing in the USA with his wife, Pamela Stephenson, since the 1980s, has taken viewers through his life, career, and global adventures in his various television projects.

Billy’s final resting place will be in the beautiful surroundings of Loch Lomond.

In 2013, Sir Billy Connolly bravely disclosed his battle with both Parkinson’s disease and prostate cancer. Although he retired from stand-up due to the challenges posed by Parkinson’s, he received a clean bill of health for cancer. The journey of self-discovery continued with his 2018 ITV show, where he reflected on his past while navigating the picturesque landscapes of Florida.

“It’s a journey that’s taken me to far-flung places and offered up once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and I’m still discovering thrilling new stuff around every corner now I’ve pitched up in Florida,” he shared.

Sir Billy Connolly has embraced discussions about death, exploring the diverse ways cultures approach the inevitable. In his 2014 American documentary series, “The Big Send-Off,” he delved into the $21 billion-a-year funeral industry, addressing the practical aspects and varied perspectives on death.

Reflecting on the series, he emphasised, “I explored the one certainty in life – that we’re going to die.” The comedian’s humour shone through as he discussed unconventional burial options, from eco-death suits to sending ashes under the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Big Yin has taken inspiration from other cultures approach to death

Despite facing health challenges, Sir Billy Connolly maintained a lighthearted perspective on life. He shared anecdotes about graveyard visits, revealing, “I’ve always liked graveyards. I like reading the headstones. Lots of them have Bob Dylan’s line ‘Forever Young’ written on them. Pish. We’re forever decomposing.”

Billy Connolly has confronted the taboo of death in a number of TV shows.

The comedy legend’s openness about his health struggles and his candid discussions about death have endeared him to fans worldwide. His unique perspective, combined with his unwavering love for Scotland, adds a poignant layer to his wish to find eternal peace in the serene landscapes of Loch Lomond.

As Sir Billy Connolly continues to navigate life with Parkinson’s, he has also explored new avenues, including creating artwork. Despite the challenges, he remains resilient, finding solace in artistic expression and a continued appreciation for life’s surprises.

While the prospect of being buried in Loch Lomond holds sentimental value, Sir Billy Connolly’s journey has taken him to America. In recent years, the comedian and his wife moved to Florida, seeking sunnier climes and new adventures.

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