Sir David Jason shares hilarious Rocky style health update after major surgery

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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After his significant surgery, 83-year-old Sir David Jason showed great humour whilst sharing a positive health update. The Only Fools and Horses star, confirming bionic eyes to tackle tearfulness, recently had hip surgery. However, a video shared on social media showcased a surprising but funny twist.

In the video, Sir David entered the frame using crutches against a nondescript garage backdrop. Surprising everyone, he threw away his crutches, walked confidently like Rocky Balboa, and the famous Rocky theme played in the background. With strong willpower, Sir David proudly punched the air and flexed his muscles, capturing everyone’s attention.

Sir David Jason recovery
Sir David Jason shows his recovery update in the best humour

The Only Fools and Horses News X video swiftly garnered global admiration and support, consequently becoming a viral sensation.The accompanying caption urged followers to send their love to the veteran actor after his successful surgery.

This happened after Sir David talked openly about his eye surgery. Withdrawing from an Only Fools and Horses convention due to health concerns, Sir David revealed the necessity of a ‘canalicular bypass’ to address an eye blockage causing excessive tearing.

David Jason explained, ‘Stay with me, it’s not quite as painful it sounds. The canal in-question was in my eye, where a little blockage had started causing it to get a bit weepy.

‘You can sort that out pretty straightforwardly by having Jones tubes inserted.’

Furthermore, he recounted an amusing encounter with his eye specialist, evoking memories of his days as a young electrician.

Despite the challenges posed by his initial eye surgery, Sir David maintained his humour, jokingly saying: ‘Jones tubes do a very good job but have one drawback – they tend to come out. I found myself standing there, saying, “You want to get a flange on that, mate”.

Nicholas Lyndhurst and David Jason
Rodney and Del Boy in the hit BBC series, Only Fools and Horses

‘Two years later, I was back for a re-fit and the doctor was showing me the latest tubes hot out of the factory – and they had flanges on, to hold them in place a bit better.

‘I hate to say I told you so, but…’

We are glad to see you in good health and spirits Sir David!

Watch his “Rocky” video below:

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