The beauties that Sven Goran has bagged will remind you how much of a ladies man he is

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Ex-England manager Sven-Göran Eriksson, known for his unparalleled charm and suave persona, has always been a magnet for beautiful women and luxurious living. Recently, he offered an intimate peek into his plush lifestyle, which includes a stunning new girlfriend and a wine label to his name!

1. Nancy Dell’Olio

In 2001, when Eriksson took up the mantle as England manager, he was already romantically involved with Italian lawyer Nancy Dell’Olio. Known for her glamour and fiery temper, Dell’Olio quickly became a staple in the British media. She and Sven had a turbulent on-and-off relationship for almost a decade, with their love life becoming as newsworthy as the matches he managed. Despite the occasional upheaval, including Eriksson’s affairs, their relationship endured for quite some time. They officially split in 2007, but their tumultuous romance remains one of the most high-profile relationships in football’s history.

2. Ulrika Jonsson
Sven’s relationship with Swedish TV presenter Ulrika Jonsson was as scandalous as it was brief. The pair’s whirlwind affair in 2002 was the talk of the town, mainly because Sven was still involved with Dell’Olio at the time. The affair with Jonsson was splashed across the front pages of the tabloids, adding an extra layer of intrigue to Eriksson’s personal life. The relationship, however, was short-lived and caused considerable controversy, marking it as one of the more notorious chapters in Eriksson’s romantic history.

3. Faria Alam

The third high-profile romance in Eriksson’s life came in 2004, this time with Faria Alam, the former secretary at the Football Association. The scandal that followed their affair nearly cost Eriksson his position as England manager. Their relationship was made public when Eriksson was dealing with media scrutiny over England’s performance in international tournaments. The affair created a media frenzy, with Alam selling her story to the press. Despite the public scrutiny, Eriksson managed to hold onto his job until 2006, but the relationship with Alam remains one of the most controversial moments of his tenure.

4. Yaniseth Bravo
In the more recent chapter of his romantic life, Sven was last known to be dating the exotic former nightclub dancer Yaniseth Bravo, who he met in Mexico while managing the national side.

Back in 2014, posing with Yaniseth for Sweden’s equivalent of Hello! magazine, Eriksson proudly showed off his £4million ‘dream house’ nestled in the picturesque Swedish countryside. The sprawling 12-bedroom mansion sits on a seven-acre estate with a 60ft heated pool, a private lake, a beach house with sauna, and tennis courts.

So there you have it. Despite his reputation as a shrewd tactician on the football pitch, Sven-Göran Eriksson has proven to be just as skilled in the game of love. He might not be coaching any teams at the moment, but it’s safe to say he’s still scoring goals off the field!

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