The Inbetweeners legend’s comedy is coming back for a brand new series

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Inbetweeners star Simon Bird is back with his comedy, Everyone Else Burns

“Everyone Else Burns” seems to be an interesting mix of comedy, family dynamics, and religious themes. Focusing on a family devoted to a religious cult opens up numerous storytelling possibilities.

Given Simon Bird’s previous work in “The Inbetweeners,” which was known for its comedic approach to the awkwardness of adolescence, this comedy has an interesting theme and allows Smon to naviagte a more mature and darker comedic landscape.

Inbetweeners star Simon Bird's comedy, Everyone Else Burns is retunring for a second series
Simon Bird’s comedy is getting a second series

Channel 4’s announcement of a second season suggests viewers enjoyed the comedy enough for them to invest further in it. With themes like family secrets coming to light and individual characters facing new challenges, it sounds like the second season aims to deepen the storylines and flesh out the characters even more.

Everyone Else Burns has mixed reviews but Channel 4 have shown faith in the comedy

The synopsis for season two hints at a lot of drama and change for the Lewis family. From Rachel dealing with shattered dreams and family secrets, Fiona facing someone from her past, to Aaron taking on a leadership role within their religious community, viewers have a lot in store. Also, the phrase “David (Simon Bird), disastrously, will decide to be a ‘good Dad'” suggests some potentially comedic and heartwarming moments ahead.

All in all, “Everyone Else Burns” is a unique take on family comedies, interwoven with religious and existential themes. The second season renewal is a promising sign that the series has found its audience and has more to give.

You can watch the first season here.

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