The Office: Could Ricky Gervais ever bring it back?

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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You know ’em, you love ’em, the workplace misfits of Wernham Hogg! The UK hit series ‘The Office,’ created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, who also starred as David Brent and Oggy, the quirky duo that brought the drudgery of office life to hilarious light on our telly screens. After two tantalising series and a Christmas special, the sitcom ended, leaving fans wanting more. Gervais even reprised his role as David Brent in a spin-off film, ‘David Brent: Life on the Road,’ but will ‘The Office’ ever return?

Featuring the comic genius of Gervais and Merchant, the sitcom won viewers’ hearts worldwide. It’s been nearly two decades since it first aired, and its legacy remains strong. Many of us still chuckle over Brent’s cringe-inducing gaffes and Tim and Dawn’s sweet romance. We fell for the characters, the setting, and the spot-on satire of the 9-5 grind.

However, brace yourselves for a bittersweet reality check, fans. In 2020, Gervais squashed rumours of a revival by speaking to The Sun’s TV Mag. “I don’t think I’ll ever bring back the old favourites,” he said. “People think they want more, but they don’t. They just want the feeling they had when they saw it for the first time. David Brent at 60 is too sad.”

Ricky Gervais in unlikely to bring back any of his previous comedy series

Gervais has been busy since his ‘Office’ days, with many successful projects under his belt. ‘Extras,’ ‘Life’s Too Short,’ and successful movies like ‘Cemetery Junction’ and ‘The Invention of Lying’ are some of his hits alongside Merchant.

Most recently, Gervais has been catching eyes and capturing hearts with his Netflix comedy-drama ‘After Life.’ As a grieving small-town journalist dealing with his wife’s loss to cancer, Gervais’ performance has been widely applauded, with the show gaining a dedicated following. It’s been so successful that despite Gervais’ previous ‘two series and a Christmas special’ formula, he created a third due to demand.

But the question on everyone’s lips: “Is there another comedy series in the pipeline?” Given Gervais’ comedic genius and knack for creating compelling characters, we expect him to grace our screens with a fresh wave of hilarity in the near future. It might not be ‘The Office,’ it may not be ‘After Life’, but with Gervais, you can bet it’ll be brilliant.

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