The truth behind Peter Kay’s five-year disappearance finally revealed

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Peter Kay, the beloved British comedian, is back on the road with a sell-out tour across the UK, leaving fans in stitches. However, the mystery surrounding his five-year hiatus has left many scratching their heads. Let’s dive into the untold truth of what Peter Kay was up to during those silent years.

In 2017, Peter Kay dealt a blow to his eager fans by cancelling his much-anticipated comeback tour due to ‘unforeseen family circumstances.’ Speculation ran wild, and the comedian retreated from the limelight, leaving his social media channels eerily quiet until March 2018, when he resurfaced to announce a charity screening of Peter Kay’s Car Share.

The event, aimed at supporting The Lily Foundation, a charity aiding children with mitochondrial disease, gave a glimpse into Peter’s compassionate side. In a blog post, he shared, “I’ve had first-hand experience of the charity’s work.” This marked the beginning of Peter’s philanthropic endeavours, a theme that continued during his hiatus.

Peter Kay Hide Away In Ireland

For the next year, Peter Kay seemingly vanished from public life, choosing the tranquillity of Tipperary, Ireland, as his hideaway. A local resident spilt the beans, stating, “Peter clearly wanted to keep a low profile… Most people only ever saw him passing through.” Despite his efforts, the expensive Range Rover he drove around raised eyebrows in the close-knit community.

Peter Kay enjoyed personal time with his family during the 5-year hiatus

Peter, ever elusive, briefly touched on his Irish retreat in a November 2017 appearance on The Late Late Show. “We’ve had a house here for 12 years… We come here all the time,” he shared, revealing a side of his life seldom discussed.

In 2019, Peter Kay’s Car Share bagged the Best Comedy Gong at the National Television Awards, but Peter was a no-show at the ceremony. Co-star Sian Gibson collected the award, jokingly asking, “Where is he?” and revealing that Peter was “watching from home with a cup of tea.” The chemistry between them hinted at more projects in the pipeline.

April 2019 marked Peter’s first public appearance in months at a Car Share screening in Blackpool, raising £34,000 for The Lily Foundation. A surprise tram ride with fans highlighted a rare moment of connection during his hiatus.

As 2019 unfolded, Peter emerged from the shadows, attending the Peter Pan pantomime in Crewe and Nativity! The Musical in London. A snapshot with director Debbie Isitt captured a seemingly joyous Peter Kay, hinting at a return to the public eye.

The Long Awaited Comeback

In February 2020, Peter excitedly announced the Dance For Life shows, aiming for a triumphant return to the stage. However, the COVID-19 pandemic had other plans, forcing a postponement. Yet, he didn’t let the lockdown keep him silent, making a memorable appearance on BBC’s Big Night In Special in April 2020.

Peter’s commitment to charity shone through as he performed two sold-out Dance For Life shows, raising funds for Laura Nuttall, who tragically succumbed to glioblastoma multiforme in May 2023.

The turning point came in November 2022 when Peter Kay announced his return to touring after 12 years, including a monthly residency at London’s O2 Arena. The emotional response from the Manchester audience during his first night set the tone for the triumphant comeback. Peter said, “Lovely Manchester, you made me cry… where did it come from, all that emotion?”

Rumours flew all over the internet about the health of the Bolton funnyman.

Now, as Peter Kay continues to make history with his monthly residency at the O2 Arena, fans revel in the joy of his Live In London tour. Peter, reflecting on his return, stated, “It’s good to get back to what I love doing best, stand-up comedy,” and in typical Peter Kay fashion, he added, “And with the cost of living at an all-time high, ticket prices are starting from £35.”

As Peter Kay stands on stage, making the nation laugh again, the untold truth of his hiatus becomes a testament to his resilience, philanthropy, and undying connection with his audience. Welcome back, Peter Kay – you’ve been dearly missed!

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