Victoria Wood’s final hours revealed in emotional account

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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In the heart of Highgate, London, a comedy legend spent her final hours in laughter amidst the shadows of terminal cancer. Victoria Wood, the beloved comedian and sitcom writer, left an indelible mark on British entertainment. As the world mourned her passing on April 20, 2016, details emerged about her courageous battle with cancer, revealing a woman determined to find humour in life until the very end.

Victoria’s close-knit circle, including her children Grace and Henry, sister Rosalind, and friend Piers Wenger, gathered around her as she faced the inevitable. In the authorised biography Let’s Do It by Jasper Rees, intimate accounts shed light on her final chapter. Despite the gravity of her situation, Victoria Wood remained resolute; her friend Dame Julie Walters attested, stating, “She just needed to get this managed – the pain. And then I’m going to write something.”

Those last days at her Highgate home became a canvas for the artist to paint her final strokes. In a determined denial, Victoria defied the bleak prognosis. “They were sending her home to die, but she wasn’t going home to die. It was her way of dealing with it,” Julie revealed. Even in her weakest moments, Victoria’s creativity shone, epitomised by a sketch about tidying up her sock drawer, a testament to her enduring wit.

Victoria Wood Maintained Her Amazing Humour Right Until The End

As the night before her departure unfolded, Victoria sat up in bed, surrounded by her family, talking and joking until 11 pm. A friend described the scene, stating, “She handled the cancer the same way.” The family, shocked by the suddenness of her passing, found solace in her approach, knowing she maintained control and faced the inevitable on her terms.

Rees’ biography disclosed that Victoria’s initial cancer battle began four years earlier, a fight she thought she had won until the disease resurfaced. The pain of her loss echoed Walters’ sentiment that it was ‘incalculable,’ a sentiment shared by fans who cherished her four-decade-long career.

Victoria Wood’s comedic brilliance transcended geographical boundaries. Born in Prestwich, Manchester, she earned acclaim as a distinctly northern comedian. Her sitcom Dinnerladies became a classic, while her stand-up routines remained eternally quotable. Beyond comedy, she ventured into drama with her critically acclaimed 2006 television film Housewife, 49, showcasing her versatility and depth as an artist.

A Loving End That Befitted One Of Britain’s Best Loved Comedians

In her final days, Victoria Wood immersed herself in familiar joys. According to Piers Wenger, her devoted friend and collaborator, they spent a week watching MasterChef. He recalled her saying, “I might not get rid of it. But if I can just get on my feet and get back to work…” Victoria’s commitment to her craft persisted even when facing life’s darkest adversary.

As the clock ticked away, her sister Rosalind took turns sitting with her on the last night, assuring her of the love surrounding her. Victoria Wood, the comedic inspiration for many, left the world with one last act – a legacy of laughter. Grace and Rosalind’s final words to her resonated, encapsulating the essence of her impact: “Everybody loves you.” Victoria Wood may have left this world, but her laughter lives on, an eternal echo of a life well-lived.

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