Watch Kieron Dyer’s awkward late 90s interview: Journalist unaware he’s an Ipswich star

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Kieron Dyer, the former England international midfielder, was involved in one of the most awkward football interviews ever recorded in the late 90s while playing for Ipswich Town. It was so cringe-worthy that it has gone viral several times on the internet, even though the clip is from over 25 years ago.

Born in Ipswich in 1978, Dyer kicked off his football journey with his local club, Ipswich Town, before impressing the powers at Newcastle United, who shelled out a whopping £6 million for his services – the highest fee ever for an Ipswich player at the time. However, Dyer’s career was not without its low points – injuries at West Ham United, a sour stint at Queens Park Rangers, and a final curtain call at Middlesbrough that perhaps concluded a career which didn’t fulfil it’s promise.

However, Dyer remains a figure in football, currently being a first-team coach at Chesterfield FC.

Kieron Dyer was a rising star at Ipswich, yet the interviewer had no idea who he was

Now, let’s get back to our awkward interview.

In Ipswich City Centre, a journalist gathered public sentiment regarding the fierce rivalry between Ipswich Town and Norwich City. An unsuspecting interviewer decided to grab unsuspecting bystanders, seeking their thoughts on the matter.

And what happened next could only be described as a hilariously awkward gaffe. Guess who was randomly pulled aside for a chat? None other than Ipswich Town’s very own superstar, Kieron Dyer!

That fateful day saw Dyer strolling through the town centre with a friend, entirely unaware of the cringe-fest about to unfold.

In a twist that could only be termed a delicious irony, the interviewer, oblivious to Dyer’s identity, flagged him down for comment.

The aftermath was a whirlwind 40-second interview that turned so toe-curlingly awkward; it’s like watching a trainwreck – painful, yet impossible to look away from. Relive the legendary encounter below…

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