Remember Wolves legend Steve Bull? He is hilarious on a night out!

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Few names in Wolverhampton Wanderers FC’s history stir up as much affection as Steve Bull, or ‘Bully’, as he is fondly known. A legend in his own right, Bull still calls Wolverhampton home, residing with his wife Kirsty and is known around town as a friendly local character.

Bully carved a name for himself not just as a dynamic striker for Wolves but as a man who stayed true to his roots, never moving away from the city that gave him his footballing break. Since retiring, Bull has remained incredibly active. He once owned an Italian restaurant in Tettenhall, a mere 2 miles from Wolverhampton city centre.

Nowadays, Bull dedicates his time as the vice president of Wolves, running his clothing line and publishing a blog. One of his favourite activities is hosting evening talk events where he shares amusing and oftentimes spicy stories from his footballing career. A word of caution – some tales are so saucy; they should probably come with an 18+ rating!

Steve Bull has been keeping himself busy since retiring from football

And did you know you can book Steve for a night out, a stag do or for food and drinks at Molineux stadium? A close friend of mine, Matt Nicholls, a hardcore Wolves fan who frequents the South Bank stand on matchday, regaled me with tales of dining and drinking with Bully. According to Matt, Bull is fantastic company and an evening with him will have you in stitches.

Bully is known to tell the group, “You can ask me anything you like”; true to his word, no topic is off-limits. From transfers to club politics to his honest opinion any football player, he is an open book. The chance to have a few drinks and an intimate dinner conversation with a club legend makes for an incredible night out.

However, the highlight of the evening, according to Matt, was an unexpected interaction towards the end of the night. Bully’s taxi driver rang him up to let him know he was waiting outside. However, Bull, not yet finished with his wine and conversation, retorted in his Black Country accent, “Go and get yourself a Turkish kebab and come back in half an hour!”

These candid, hilarious moments underline why Steve ‘Bully’ Bull is such a beloved figure, both on and off the pitch. Not only did he carve a legendary career with Wolves, but he continues to embody the spirit and humour that made him a favourite among fans. Whether in the pub, a restaurant, or over dinner at the stadium, a night with Bully is always remembered.

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