A look inside Del Boy’s flats in 2023 proves a sorry sight

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Harlech Tower, famous for its role as Del Boy’s flat in the sitcom Only Fools and Horses, is set to be demolished as part of an £800 million rejuvenation project.

Despite calls for its preservation by actor Sir David Jason, the tower will make way for the construction of 3,500 new homes and various community facilities. However, locals have expressed concerns about the affordability of the new housing and the impact on the community.

Residents of Harlech Tower have shared their dissatisfaction with the current living conditions, citing issues such as water damage, mould, and deteriorating infrastructure.

NHS worker Tirhas Berihu, who has lived in the tower for 12 years, has said that she has experienced persistent water leaks and widespread mould in her flat. Despite seeking assistance from the council, she claims to have been left to deal with the repairs herself.

According to Steve Clark, the author of Only Fools And Horses: The Official Story, the exterior of Harlech Tower was used for filming purposes, while the interior of the Trotters’ flat was based on precise measurements taken from a different location.

He believes that a permanent plaque should be erected as a tribute to the show and its iconic association with Harlech Tower.

In the past, TV channel Gold launched a petition to do so, but it failed to gain significant traction, garnering only 2,720 signatures.

Producer Gareth Gwenlan stated that filming at night was always out of the question as valuable equipment would likely be stolen, and the area had a constant police presence.

Ealing Council, when contacted by The Sun, claimed to be unaware of the current issues within Harlech Tower. However, they pledged to send inspectors and a tenant management organisation to assess the properties and address any necessary repairs.

The council emphasised their commitment to the Acton Gardens regeneration project, which aims to provide more social housing and improve living conditions for residents. They stated that the redevelopment would result in a higher number of homes, including affordable housing options.

Despite concerns raised by residents, the council reported overwhelming support for the estate’s development during the consultation process.

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