Catherine Tyldesley shares how she feels after “Cakegate” backlash and decides to cancel her big 40th party

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Richard Bevan
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Catherine Tyldesley drops lavish bash amid online backlash

The former Coronation Street actress recently cancelled her big 40th birthday bash plans due to a mounting ‘cakegate’ controversy. Scheduled to host an extravagant party on September 17, The Mirror disclosed that Catherine Tyldesley decided against it after severe media backlash when NVRLND, the company organising her party, requested bakery, Three Little Birds, to whip up two cakes and 100 cupcakes – in return for a social media shout out.

While these demands apparently went out without Catherine’s knowledge, she didn’t escape the backlash. The bakery’s owner responded that she couldn’t sustain her business or pay her staff with mere social media “exposure.” Opting to decline the offer, her post stirred the pot online.

Catherine Tyldesley caused backlash after cakegate video
Catherine Tyldesley’s cakegate video caused a storm

Devastatingly, Catherine faced brutal online trolling. Close sources mentioned that a blindsided Catherine is now changing gears, intending for a more intimate get-together with loved ones next month.

Reflecting on the tumultuous month and the ‘cakegate’ scandal, Catherine took to Instagram, sharing a post that captures her current mood – a frazzled Barbie, juggling life’s myriad challenges.

Catherine Tyldesley’s latest Instagram post suggests that “Cakegate” has taken its toll

This ‘cakegate’ fiasco follows a difficult period for Catherine, remembered for her role of Eva Price on Coronation Street. She released a video assuring followers she was unaware of the controversial emails sent. In the video, she voiced her surprise, praised NVRLND for their past services, and hoped for peace from the media.

The drama began when NVRLND contacted Three Little Birds bakery for a “well-known celebrity” cake deal. With no actual payment on the table, just a promise of fame, bakery owner Rebecca Severs quipped back with a cheeky refusal, noting that neither her mortgage provider nor her employees could sustain themselves on mere online mentions.

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