Crooked House investigation TWIST: Digger for pub demolition was arranged days before devastating blaze

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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It has been revealed that the new owners of The Crooked House pub enlisted the services of a digger just days before the unfortunate incident that resulted in the pub’s destruction.

The iconic Crooked House, nestled in the heart of Himley, Staffordshire, fell victim to a fierce blaze last Saturday evening, shortly after changing hands to a private purchaser for what was described as an “alternative use”.

The fire raged through the pub on Saturday evening and is being treated as arson by the police.

In a remarkably swift turn of events, a mere 36 hours after being consumed by the raging inferno, the historic 18th-century establishment was flattened to the ground by mechanical excavators on Monday, just 2 days after the fire. However, the demolition sparked a wave of controversy as local authorities, upon reflection, decried the dismantling, acknowledging that no prior authorisation had been granted for the demolition.

A new layer of intrigue has recently emerged surrounding the incident – it has come to light that the proprietors had secured the services of a digger a full week before the conflagration transpired. The digger, sourced from the esteemed Lyndon Thomas Plant Hire in Northamptonshire, was arranged through AT Contracting, a company under the ownership of Carly.

The quirky pub was bulldozed just 2 days after the fire.

Mr. Thomas, speaking to The Telegraph, elucidated, “We operate as a family-run enterprise, and our equipment was leased to a valued existing patron who was fully covered with the requisite insurance and documentation.” He clarified, “The machinery was rented out devoid of an operator, and we remained oblivious to its intended purpose.” Mr. Thomas expressed his sentiment of non-accountability, asserting, “I must firmly assert that I cannot be held culpable for the actions of the individual [the customer]. Regrettably, we have been inundated with a series of menacing phone calls following this lamentable episode.”

Who are the new owners of The Crooked House Pub?

34 year old Carly Taylor currently holds the ownership of The Crooked House Pub. Once a hairdresser and nail technician, she is now said to be living a life of luxury after marrying in to affluence.

Former hairdresser and nail technician Carly Taylor is the current owner of The Crooked House
Carly Taylor is said to enjoy a luxury lifestyle of first class travel and opulent hotels

Married to 44 year old Adam Taylor who currently serves as a shareholder with Hinley Environmental LTD is also the proprietor of the Sarah Mansfield Country Inn in Warwickshire. He is known to drive a Bentley adorned with personalised number plates.

A glimpse into Ms. Taylor’s social media presence unveils a lifestyle of grandeur, with snapshots capturing her indulgence in first-class air travel, visits to Dubai’s prestigious seven-star Burj Al Arab hotel, and her enjoyment of luxury cars.

She currently holds the role of director within the confines of a private entity, recognised as ATE Farms LTD. The acquisition of The Crooked House Pub was orchestrated by this private corporation, successfully finalising the purchase from the renowned pub retailer Marston’s during the month of July.

Lee Goodchild, the previous licensee of this beloved Black Country establishment, affirms that the transaction’s completion took place around Wednesday, the 14th of July.

Lee Goodchild and his wife previously managed the pub are said to be “disgusted” that the pub has been bulldozed

In a recent development, law enforcement authorities have disclosed that they are presently treating the case as one of arson, suggesting a potentially deliberate and criminal origin to the devastating fire.

As the embers of this tragic incident continue to smolder, the series of perplexing events and revelations has left the community in shock and seeking answers.

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