David Beckham’s fury as relationship with Meghan and Harry allegedly ends

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Gemma Thomas
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Footballing legend David Beckham is said to have been left ‘absolutely bloody furious’ as his and Victoria’s relationship with Harry and Meghan is ‘over’ as the Sussexes accused them of leaking stories.

David Beckham was reportedly left “absolutely bloody furious” as his relationship with Harry and Meghan is rumoured to be over. The footballing legend has been a close friend to the royal couple for several years.

It has been suggested that the falling out occurred after there was suspicion David and Victoria may have leaked stories about the Sussexes. Victoria and David both received an invite to Meghan and Harry’s wedding in 2018, however, the royal couple were not guests at the Beckham’s son Brooklyn’s wedding last year.

David and Victoria Beckham at Harry and Meghan’s wedding

The couples are said to have bonded because David’s communications director Izzy May was friends with Markus Anderson, chief membership officer for the private social club Soho House, who helped arrange Meghan’s dates with Harry.

However, a source has now claimed the suspicions of leaking stories left David “absolutely bloody furious”. “David and Victoria went to Meghan and Harry’s wedding and were very supportive when Meghan arrived in the UK,” the source told The Mail on Sunday. The accusations reportedly came in a tense phone call and fractured their relationship.

The source added: “Any making up now is so unlikely.” In his new book, royal autobiographer Tom Bower claims that the Sussexes were “addicted” to reading negative press coverage – and spent hours on their phones scouring social media. The couple were said to be worried that close friends might be leaking stories about them and were keen to find out who could be behind it. He alleges that in particular, Meghan suspected Victoria Beckham – and Prince Harry called David Beckham to repeat the accusation.

The Beckhams were said to be “outraged” and the accusation damaged their relationship. David, 47, and his wife Victoria, 48, have always been on good terms with members of the Royal Family. In 2003, David was honoured by the Queen with an OBE for his services to football, and Victoria was made an OBE in 2017 for services to the fashion industry.

Harry and Meghan are allegedly not in the Beckham’s good books

They were also invited to the weddings of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011 and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in 2018. Meghan and Victoria were said to have bonded over their shared love of fashion – but fell out after private details of their friendship were leaked in the media.

A source told The Sun back in 2020: “Harry was very polite, but obviously it was a pretty awkward exchange and David was mortified. Inexplicably, [Meghan] feared Victoria was behind it — I mean, the idea that Victoria Beckham would be personally ringing journalists to give them a scoop is ridiculous — and spoke to Harry about it.

“Harry is very protective of Meghan, and decided to deal with the matter head-on, by directly contacting his good pal, David. He quickly put Harry right, and the two men agreed to move on — but it certainly made things awkward for a while.” The details in question were said to be a bunch of beauty tips Victoria had shared with the duchess ahead of her move to London. The source said: “It later turned out the leak probably came from a beauty salon. Afterwards, they got things back on track, but it took a few months.”

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