Disorder at The Crooked House pub site: Woman struck by car and two attacked

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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More controversy surrounds The Crooked House after tempers flare, resulting in attacks

On Saturday evening at the location of the former The Crooked House pub in Himley, a disturbing series of events unfolded. Staffordshire Police are diligently examining the situation, issuing a pressing appeal for witnesses to provide crucial information about the incidents.

The Crooked House, which once stood as a distinguished icon, tragically succumbed to a devastating fire just last month. In a touching show of spirit, locals quickly pitched a memorial camp, proving once more the tight-knit bond of our community. However, trouble erupted on Saturday, leading to the camp’s removal.

The former The Crooked House pub is now a site and more controversy has occurred

Initial reports indicate that an unsuspecting couple, merely present at the site, faced an unprovoked confrontation by a group near the camp. In their urgent attempt to leave the escalating situation, they entered their vehicle. Tragically, in their effort to escape, their car inadvertently hit a woman. Subsequently, the deeply affected couple reached out to the authorities to recount the traumatic events they had experienced.

South Staffordshire Police have put a statement on Facebook, saying:

Police post on Facebook about incident at the Crooked House site
Police issued a statement on Facebook about the incident at The Crooked House site

“We’re investigating reports of disorder at the Crooked House on Saturday evening (9 September). It happened at the site on Himley Road at around 8.30pm.

“We understand that a man and a woman were assaulted by a group of people while in the area. They got into a car following the incident and tried to drive away but were obstructed. The car was then involved in a collision with a pedestrian. Fortunately, the pedestrian, a woman, was not seriously injured.

“The car drove away from the area but the man and woman inside later contacted us about what had happened.Then they took the woman to the hospital for assessment, but doctors have since discharged her.

“Officers have been speaking to those involved to establish what happened and are keen to hear from anyone who witnessed the incident, particularly those who may have recorded it.

“Call us on 101, quoting incident 888 of 9 September, or message us using Live Chat on our website – https://orlo.uk/aDtRb. If you prefer to report anonymously, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

The police are meticulously investigating the sequence of events from that fateful evening. While the testimony of the affected couple offers a partial perspective, authorities are urgently appealing to any potential eyewitnesses. Detailed accounts, especially any video evidence of the incident, are invaluable to the investigation.

The fire damaged the Crooked House before workers bulldozed it down

Further compounding the gravity of the situation, the fire that decimated the Crooked House is under scrutiny as a potential act of arson. Law enforcement officers have already arrested three individuals connected to the fire, and they have since released all of them on bail. As details emerge, the complexity and seriousness of the ongoing investigation intensify.

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