Former football star Alan Rogers dismisses media “Scaremongering” as he relaxes in Rhodes

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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As the wildfires continue to wreak havoc in parts of Rhodes, former footballer Alan Rogers is on the island, and he’s not buying into the media frenzy! The British island paradise has been hit hard by wildfires, prompting repatriation efforts for up to ten thousand British nationals, but Rogers claims that the situation is blown out of proportion.

Tourists have been left stranded, seeking refuge at airports and makeshift rescue centres after flames threatened their holiday resorts. It’s been a nightmare for many, forced to leave their belongings behind and flee for safety. But amid the chaos, Alan Rogers remains cool as a cucumber, enjoying his coffee and poolside relaxation on the opposite side of the island from the fire-ravaged areas.

Alan believes the media are over-exaggerating the problems in Rhodes

The media has been reporting on the situation, painting a picture of devastation and fear, but Rogers disagrees. In his words, “The scaremongering among the world press is insane. I am in Rhodes the opposite side to we’re (sic) the fires WAS. There under control completely. The reason flights are being cancelled is the hotels that side are closed for the time being. My mums just rang me in a state of panic cos on the news in the UK are saying the island is on fire. B*llocks. Am sat having a lovely coffee about to go the pool for the day.” He attributes the flight cancellations to hotels on the affected side of the island temporarily shutting down. So, while the situation is serious in some parts, the whole island isn’t engulfed in flames.

Alan Rogers’ football career boasts stints with notable clubs like Tranmere Rovers, Nottingham Forest, Leicester City, to name a few. The tough-tackling left-back has had quite a journey since his days on the pitch. But now, he’s not only enjoying a laid-back holiday in Rhodes but has also ventured into the world of serial investing.

The former football star’s investment prowess has taken him to new heights. After retiring from the sport, Rogers delved into the business world, and he’s become a seasoned investor. From the excitement of football stadiums to the charts of crypto investing, Rogers has embraced this new chapter with gusto.

As the world watches Rhodes grappling with the wildfires, Alan Rogers appears calm in the island. Relaxing by the sea, he tweeted: “Stunning Greek beach. Still watching the charts tho. (sic)” Let us know if there’s any crypto currency about to shoot up in price, Alan!

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