Henry VIII spotted with a ‘Greggs steak bake’ in portrait picture

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Blighty is abuzz after a sharp-eyed gent from Manchester ignited a sensational debate, suggesting our very own Tudor titan, King Henry VIII, might’ve fancied a trip forward in time. And the evidence? No, not a digital wristwatch or a mobile phone, but what looks suspiciously like Greggs steak bakes on his regal feet!

Luke, an eagle-eyed Mancunian, took to Twitter to share his intriguing observation of the former monarch’s portrait. “Why do Henry VIII’s shoes look like a Greggs steak bake?” he mused. His tweet, showing the King’s footwear – bearing more than a passing resemblance to the nation’s favourite pastry snack – quickly caught the eye of the masses.

Henry VII potrait
Did Henry VIII love a Greggs Steak Bake as shoes?

Quick to join the jovial joust, Greggs, our nation’s beloved bakery giant, quipped back: “Losing our heads over this.” Unsurprisingly, the tweet garnered oodles of attention, racking up retweets and likes by the thousand. And, as you’d expect, the great British public didn’t hold back. One wit mused, “ahhh choux pastry”, while another cheekily commented, “Because they are, needs to keep those toes warm during winter.”

Yet another savvy user threw in a bread-based nugget: “On another note – ciabatta (bread) translates to slipper. This has been going on a long time.”

Henry VIII’s shoes sparked a hilarious debate

Of course, some didn’t believe it. One fellow chimed in with, “Bro that’s cheese and onion. Get a grip.” Another added a delicious twist, saying, “Because, and not many people know this, Henry VIII’s feet were delish!!!”

But the funniest quote had to be, however: “Henry the 8th looks like Peter Kay before the weight loss. Surely, that’s garlic bread on his feet.”

Greggs sells 1.5 million sausage rolls weekly, totalling 145 million annually. As for King Henry? Well, he’s remembered for a bit more than his questionable choice in footwear. The second Tudor monarch reigned from April 21, 1509, to January 28, 1547, famed for his marriages and splitting from the Catholic Church. But this recent revelation? Well, it’s certainly put a different kind of ‘roll’ in his story!

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