Huge 90s boy band are making a comeback with music icon joining them

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Have a love of 90s boys bands? Then you’re in for a treat!

Legendary ’90s boy band sensation Let Loose, are dusting off their microphones and making a huge comeback. But this isn’t just a simple reunion; a renowned music star joins them this time to add a zesty twist!

This chart-topping group, responsible for making waves in our hearts during the ‘90s, bagged three top 10 singles between 1994 and 1997, one of which became the soundtrack to our nineties adventures. And who could forget their title as 1994’s ‘best newcomers’ by the legendary pop magazine Smash Hits? These lads had us bopping at their nationwide tours, packing venues with staggering crowds of 50,000. But for those still scratching their heads, let’s spill the beans. We’re talking about the ever-popular Let Loose!

Leet Loose -90s boy band
90s boy band Let Loose are making a comeback with a special replacement

Sources close to Metro have shared that the ‘Crazy For You’ maestros have reunited and are already in the studio laying down tracks for a new single. Plus, keep those dancing shoes polished for their end-of-year London gig and a 2024 tour. But here’s the clincher: Matthew James Pateman, that superstar from Bad Boys Inc, is stepping up to the mic as their lead, joining Rob Jeffrey on guitar and Lee Murray on drums.

While original frontman Richie Wemerling chose to chase different dreams, the new lineup promises a fresh jive fans will love.

These blokes were known not just for their catchy numbers like ‘Seventeen’, ‘One Night Stand’, and ‘Best In Me’, but their unmatched skill with instruments truly set them apart in a sea of boy bands.

Tragically, the limelight and pressures caused the initial 90s boyband to breakup in 1997. While Matthew made his mark with Bad Boys Inc, he’s familiar with Let Loose, sharing stages with them during the 90s.

On catching up with Matthew about this reunion, he expressed his admiration for Let Loose’s legacy, praising their musical craftsmanship. “We have some cracking new songs coming up, and the single is an absolute banger. Sharing the stage with Lee and Rob is nothing short of an honour,” he gushed.

They have aged well since their 90s boy band days. Matthew Pateman, originally of Bad Boys Inc is on the righthand side

Lee, who’s been in the news for his work as a drum tutor for the neurodiverse community, was equally thrilled. “This comeback has been a long time coming, and having Matthew as our lead vocalist is the cherry on top. Our fans are in for a treat!” He hinted at a soon-to-be-revealed live comeback date, suggesting that the time was ripe, especially given the current ’90s revival.

Assuring fans of no hard feelings with Richie, Lee mentioned, “He’s alright; he simply chose a different path.” Echoing his sentiment, guitarist Rob said, “Being on stage with Let Loose feels like home. With Matthew in the mix and new tracks in the offing, it’s going to be pure magic.”

Universal Records will feature their upcoming single, ‘If The World Was Ending’, on the album ‘Rediscovered All Stars’ this October, showcasing the best of the ’80s and ’90s! So, folks, keep your ears peeled and your dancing spirit ready. It’s going to be a wild ride down memory lane!

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