Katie Hopkins launches a scathing attack on Sam Smith, branding the singer as “dirty, disgusting and and chronically ill.”

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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Controversial media personality Katie Hopkins has once again stirred up controversy, this time targeting the talented singer Sam Smith in a scathing rant. On the Anything Goes with James English podcast, Hopkins, aged 48, launched a series of offensive remarks directed at the 30-year-old non-binary artist.

Sam Smith, who prefers they/them pronouns, has been making headlines recently for their Grammy performance, bold fashion choices at the Brit Awards, and the unfortunate misgendering by the media and other celebrities. However, these achievements have attracted the wrong kind of attention from Hopkins.

Katie urged Sam Smith to ‘put some clothes on.’

During her appearance on the podcast, Hopkins stated: “There’s one Sam Smith, who looks like an undercooked Greggs sausage roll with nipple tassels on. Anybody, I don’t care if you think your trans or bi or queer or whatever, if you’re morbidly obese go and put some clothes on mate.”

She added: “Put some kit on that because that is beastly. That is a proper dirty, disgusting-looking guy who is chronically now ill. That’s ill.”

Anything Goes host – James English

Broadcaster James could be heard laughing along during the rant.

The podcast garnered some support for Hopkins from Twitter users. One commented: “I used to be one of the people who really disliked her, but my opinion on her changed a few years ago, she’s on point with what she says. Brilliant podcast!”

Another noted: “This might just be the ONE TIME ONLY EVER, that most People & I WILL ACTUALLY AGREE WITH YOU.”

Not everyone agreed with the media personality’s opinion of Sam Smith. One user penned: “Shame on you James even talking to her, she just spouts vileness about people, look at her proper beauty queen”.

A critic of Katie stated: “Will never forgive the British public for letting this woman come SECOND on celebrity big brother. The fact that people in the UK actually started to find her endearing & likeable still baffles me lmao.”

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