Katie Price’s surrogate was her biggest fan but has now cut ties with her after shocking behaviour

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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Katie Price’s surrogate speaks out

Katie Price’s former surrogate, Sheena-Disney Mackenzie, has voiced her frustrations after feeling sidelined from plans to carry the celebrity’s sixth child.

Sheena-Disney, 42, alleges that the 45-year-old former model now intends to become pregnant herself, asserting, “It will probably keep her out of prison.” She firmly stated, “I got treated poorly,” and continued, “I was a massive fan – I even have her tattoo on my thigh. Now, I can’t stand her. As a person, she’s truly appalling.”

Katie Price with Sheena-Disney Mackenzie - the lady who agreed to be her surrogate
Sheena-Disney Mackenzie has been ignored by Katie Price since she no longer needs her.

Detailing her experience, Sheena shared that she reached out to Katie, a mother of five whom she once greatly admired, and offered to be her surrogate. According to Sheena, Katie was ecstatic, and the two met at one of Katie’s make-up masterclasses. Subsequently, Sheena and her children received an invitation to Katie’s renowned Mucky Mansion residence. However, as Sheena recounts, Katie had to depart from her West Sussex home suddenly and never came back.

Sheena is Shunned

Elaborating on the ordeal, Sheena said, “We were taken to a hotel, assuming we’d return for a party. But she ignored me – we received no communication from her whatsoever.”
Moreover, Sheena, who has a tattoo of Katie’s autograph on her leg, mentioned, “She booked a hotel for me. We had plans to watch the Barbie movie. My girls and I dressed up in new pink outfits, all set for the evening.” Yet, without any communication, Sheena contacted a nanny, who informed her that Katie had left for Essex. Left with no choice, Sheena said, “I had to take a train back home.”

Sheena has Katie’s autograph tattooed on her leg. She claims she “can’t stand her” anymore.

She expressed frustration, saying, “I’ll never speak to her again. It’s one thing disrespecting me; I can ignore that. But hurting my children? Not.”

Historically, Katie Price avoided prison sentences for various driving offences and breached a restraining order. Still, she recently conveyed her willingness to serve time, commenting in an interview, “I’ve been to court so frequently. I’m no longer afraid of the courtroom. I even suggested, ‘Why not just send me to prison and be done with it?'”

A baby to “avoid prison”

However, Sheena speculated that having another child might be Katie’s tactic to sidestep jail time. She claimed, “The last message Katie sent indicated she wanted to handle the pregnancy herself, probably to avoid prison.”

Katie pictured with 4 of her children.

This revelation was particularly disheartening for Sheena, who was gearing up to feature in a TV programme tentatively titled ‘Surrogacy and Me’, and also in Katie’s Mucky Mansion series. Disillusioned, she remarked, “I was set to participate in the Channel 4 show alongside her. But everything has fallen apart. I withdrew due to the way she treated me and I’ve abandoned everything related to it.”

For years, Katie has publicly expressed her desire for another child. This past April, she revealed on the podcast ‘Turning Adversity Into An Asset’, “I’ve found a surrogate. My egg count has decreased; I’m 44 now. I want another child, so what should I do?”

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