Kerry Katona unveils her impressive journey of shedding three stone through a dedicated health and fitness regime

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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Posting on Instagram on Thursday, Kerry shared a side-by-side image comparison of herself before embarking on her fitness transformation and her current appearance.

In the right-hand image, the former singer can be seen wearing a black underwear set, showcasing her abdomen and legs. On the left, a radiant looking Kerry is pictured in a snug black gym top and leggings, capturing a selfie in the mirror.

Captioning the post, she penned: “Omg!!!!!!!!! It’s getting there!!! Thank you thank you thank you @francisdiet @mfitofficial @carlafishwick. Still got a long way to go!!!! Xxxx”

At the start of July, Kerry announced she was ‘back on track’ with her weight loss and had once again achieved a size 10.

Kerry snapped her incredible 3 stones weight loss on her Instagram page.

In her column for new! magazine at the time, she stated: “As you all know, I’ve been doing the Francis Diet for a while now and I’m so happy to say that I’m back in a size 10. I can’t thank this diet enough, it’s really working for me.”

Kerry attributed her successful weight loss journey to the Francis Diet and Woo’d By Food. The Francis Diet, developed by Scott Francis, involves precise meal planning and a tailored exercise regimen.

Sharing a video of her morning yoga routine on Instagram, Kerry celebrated her progress: “Good morning you beautiful people!! Can’t believe I’ve gone from 13 stone 3 to 10,13!!!!!!!!!”

Kerry’s path hasn’t been without challenges. While on a family holiday in Mallorca in August 2022, she confessed feeling like ‘a swollen beach whale.’ She struggled with weight gain and even contemplated lymphatic drainage and water retention tablets to address the issue.

Reflecting on her holiday habits, Kerry revealed, “All I did on holiday was eat s**t and drink. We were there for two weeks and ate out every night. Some nights we stayed in and got takeaways, like pizza and chips.”

Kerry has been open about her weight gain in the past and has spoken about her love of junk food

In January, Kerry was still grappling with her body image after gaining an additional three stone. She publicly shared her frustrations on Instagram, aiming to hold herself accountable for her New Year’s fitness resolution.

Following a previous unsuccessful tummy tuck, Kerry underwent a second procedure at the end of January. She expressed determination to achieve her weight loss objectives and regain her sense of self.

By March, Kerry was still combating body negativity but remained committed to her journey. She acknowledged, “You’ve got to get uncomfortable to get comfortable, and it’s really f***ing hard and I need accountability.”

A stunning looking Kerry looking slim and toned at the gym

Since then, Kerry has made substantial progress, displaying a remarkable two stone weight loss during a vacation in Spain in May.

To maintain her progress and motivation, Kerry has joined a WhatsApp support group. Her aspiration is to shed two more dress sizes and achieve a total weight loss of three stone.

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