King Charles surprised Wrexham’s owner Ryan Reynolds with phone call

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Hollywood stardust descended on Wrexham when Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney bought the club in 2020. A hit documentary series soon followed, with the actors’ combined profile helping to bring the National League club to a swathe of new audiences across the globe.

Ryan Reynolds and Rob Mcelhenney are seen discussing King Charles’ phone call on the up and coming season of Welcome to Wrexham

The first season of Welcome to Wrexham received glowing reviews on both sides of the Atlantic. Club’s executive director, Humphrey Ker, remarked, “There’s so much more of the real story of Wrexham AFC to be told. The more people who want to join us on that journey, the better.” Fans are in luck as Rob McElhenney confirmed a second season, humorously stating, “I have a clause in my contract that stipulates I will not do anything less than 16 seasons of a TV show.”

In a thrilling revelation for the upcoming season, King Charles stunned Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney with a surprise phone call. The sneak peek for season two showed the moment His Majesty phoned the pair and graced the iconic Racecourse Ground with his presence.

Ryan expressed his astonishment, stating, “So, the King of England called. Welcoming him to the Racecourse Ground, this historic church of football in the heart of Wrexham, was a moment of immense pride. Rob and I are committed to uplifting this community and this club. And, having the King visit is certainly a monumental step in that direction.”

King Charles came to The Racecourse Ground to meet with Ryan Reynolds and co

The footage reveals a delightful encounter as King Charles and Queen Camilla arrive at the football ground, sharing handshakes and light-hearted moments with the owners. However, the royal visit also came with added pressures. “Oh my God, the expectation. Dear God,” exclaimed Ryan. The duo seems to feel the weight of their responsibility more than ever, with Rob adding, “If we do not get promoted this year, the club is completely unsustainable.”

Fans eagerly await the second season, set to release on September 12, 2023. Meanwhile, Ryan considers Wrexham as “the most special gift I’ve had in my life” and Rob echoes this sentiment, viewing both the club and town as beloved “underdogs.”

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