Lucy Letby held and saved my daughter just before her murder spree

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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“Evil Nurse Lucy Letby cradled my newborn, months before her killing spree,” reveals shocked father.

A Newcastle dad has recounted the chilling moment to The Sun when killer nurse Lucy Letby held and saved his baby girl, a mere nine months before she unleashed a murderous rampage on her neonatal ward. Alexander Leese said the memory of Letby’s grin, after she resuscitated his daughter at the Countess of Chester Hospital, will haunt him forever.

"Lucy Letby held my son" as recalled by stunned father
Lucy Letby came across as a genuine caring person

Leese, 34, recollected the harrowing ordeal of his partner being in labour for a gruelling five days. The trauma heightened when their newborn wasn’t breathing. Panic buttons were hit, and like a bolt from the blue, three nurses, including the now-infamous Letby, swooped into action.

He revealed, “Letby took my daughter, bringing her back from the brink. The room was thick with tension until my baby’s cry broke the silence. She handed her back, all smiles, commenting on her ‘beautiful eyelashes’.”

However, the grim twist of fate, recognising Lucy Letby later in her NHS garb, sent shivers down Leese’s spine. “The penny dropped when I saw that photo. The very nurse who had saved my daughter had gone on to end the lives of so many innocent souls.”

Alexander Leese revealed Lucy Letby saved his son's life
Alexander Leese realised that it was the very Lucy Letby who saved his daughter’s life

Leese grapples with the morbid realisation that his daughter had been in the clutches of a murderer, albeit briefly. “It’s bone-chilling to ponder on it now. With our birth complications, we contemplated staying at the hospital longer. Thank heavens another nurse gave us the all-clear to head home. I shudder to think of our daughter spending a solitary night under Letby’s watch.”

The extent of Lucy Letby’s sinister deeds came to light recently. At a ripe age of 33, she snuffed out the lives of seven babies and made vile attempts on six others.

Culminating in a dramatic turn of events, Manchester crown court handed Letby 14 whole life sentences this week. As the gavel struck, it became crystal clear – she will spend her days and nights, till her last breath, confined behind cold, steel bars.

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