Meghan Markle believes her success will soar without Prince Harry amidst rumours of a split

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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Amid the rumours of a split, Meghan Markle is reportedly convinced she will thrive independently without Prince Harry. Recent reports suggest that she has signed with the renowned Hollywood talent agency, William Morris Endeavor (WME), as she aspires to become a “Hollywood power player.”

WME, based in Beverly Hills, represents top celebrities like Dwayne Johnson, Adele, and Serena Williams. Meghan was allegedly spotted staying in a hotel near the talent agency, fuelling speculations about her Hollywood ambitions.

According to sources, Meghan believes focusing on solo projects will lead to greater success, despite Harry’s unwavering support. Her deal with WME aims to solidify her position in the industry.

Meghan was an honoree at the 2023 Women of Vision Awards

Kinsey Schofield, a showbiz correspondent, backed up Meghan’s ambition on GB News, stating, “One of the rumours is that Meghan has set up shop in a hotel suite across from her agency William Morris Endeavor and that she has her eyes set on bigger opportunities. She wants to be a power player in Hollywood, and this is not the direction that Harry has any desire to go.”

The timing of Meghan’s agency deal comes amidst other challenges for the couple. It was recently reported that their lucrative $20 million Spotify deal has come to an unexpected end. Additionally, their Netflix series, “Harry & Meghan,” failed to secure a spot on the Emmy shortlist.

Meghan Markle filming during her Podcast series which came to an end

Closer Magazine highlighted the mounting business pressures the couple is facing, with a need to salvage their brand’s reputation. The situation is reportedly taking a toll on their relationship, and Radar Online claims that they are currently “taking time apart on different continents.” Prince Harry is said to be preparing for a solo trip to Africa, which could potentially strain their marriage even further.

As the rumours and uncertainties surround the couple, Meghan Markle’s decision to venture into Hollywood independently has become a focal point, generating much speculation and interest.

Recent developments have added to the couple’s challenges, with their $20 million Spotify deal reportedly ending and their Netflix series “Harry & Meghan” failing to make it to the Emmy shortlist.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are rumoured to be splitting up

These mounting pressures have left the couple facing business difficulties, with their brand’s reputation at stake. Reports also suggest that they are currently spending time apart, with Prince Harry planning a solo trip to Africa, which may strain their marriage.

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