Explosive Revelation: Prince Andrew’s Newsnight interview lies exposed through emails

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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Shocking court evidence has come to light contradicting Prince Andrew’s previous claims about his association with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein bringing further embarrassment to the Royal Family.

According to court papers, the Duke may have been telling lies during his candid 2019 interview with Emily Maitlis on Newsnight. Andrew insisted he only saw Epstein once after his 2008 stint behind bars, which supposedly happened in December 2010. However, a leaked email from Epstein on June 14, 2010, reveals a further meeting with the royal. The tycoon told a banker, “Andrew just sat next to me at dinner.”

These court documents directly challenge Andrew’s Newsnight claims. They reveal that he met with Epstein while the paedophile was under house arrest at his Florida pad.

Andrew may have hoped to sweep it all under the carpet, but the truth is out there now. The court papers show the pair enjoyed lunch together in June 2010 while Epstein was under house arrest.

Emails contradict Prince Andrew’s claims about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein

One of Epstein’s victims isn’t holding back, calling this latest evidence the “most damning yet,” in the ongoing saga.

Attorney for three of Epstein’s victims, Spencer, commented: “As an advocate for the victims of Epstein, I am deeply disgusted by the behaviour of Andrew.”

“His actions have shown a complete disregard for the victims and a complete lack of decency.”

“His actions have brought a embarrassment upon the royals.”

Andrew’s shady ties with Epstein and Virginia Giuffre’s shocking allegations that he had a fling with her when she was just a teenager have caused public disgust. The Duke and his legal team may have put up a strong front, but they reportedly coughed up £12 million in March 2022 to make the matter disappear.

It is said that the FBI is getting fed up with Andrew’s silence, as he’s been giving them the cold shoulder in their investigation into Epstein’s dodgy activities and the people who enabled him.

Jeffery and Andrew’s long-standing friendship goes back to the late 90s

As if that weren’t enough, the US Virgin Islands is stepping into the ring too, claiming a whopping £145 million in damages from JP Morgan over their alleged links to Epstein’s sordid deeds. The bank is hitting back, accusing the territory’s officials of turning a blind eye for a sum of money and a few favours from the dodgy billionaire.

Epstein, known for his ties with British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, met a tragic end in jail in 2019 while awaiting trial on underage sex charges. Meanwhile, Maxwell was given a 20-year prison sentence last year for providing young girls for Epstein’s heinous antics.


  • Mid 1990s: The Duke of York gets caught up with Epstein through his friendship with Ghislaine Maxwell.
  • 1999: Andrew hosts Epstein and his crew at Balmoral.
  • April 2000: Andrew and Maxwell spotted holidaying with Epstein at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida.
  • June 2000: Epstein and Maxwell turn up at a bash in Windsor Castle to celebrate Andrew’s 40th.
  • December 2000: Andrew throws a party for Maxwell’s birthday at Sandringham.
  • Christmas 2000: Andrew ditches the royal festivities to join Maxwell and Epstein New Year’s Eve in Thailand.
  • March 2001: Epstein’s “sex slave” Virginia Giuffre jets off to London to meet Andrew. The infamous photo of them together is taken. She claims they had a fling. Prince Andrew denies it.
  • 2006: Epstein faces multiple charges for dodgy sexual acts with a minor.
  • 2008: Epstein’s locked up for 18 months, serves only 13, and is then let loose under house arrest.
  • June 2010: Court papers expose Andrew’s lunch with Epstein. Emails reveal they were still in touch.
  • December 2010: Andrew spotted with Epstein in Central Park.
  • January 2015: Andrew gets tangled in US court documents related to Epstein. The palace denies any wrong doing.
  • July 2019: Epstein is arrested for child sex trafficking.
  • August 10, 2019: Ahead of the trial, Epstein takes his own life in jail.
  • November 2019: Andrew’s disastrous Newsnight interview about his Epstein connection.
  • August 9, 2021: Ms. Giuffre sues the Duke, claiming he has sex with her when she was just 17. Andrew denies everything.
  • December 30, 2021: Ghislaine Maxwell is found guilty of procuring and grooming minors for Epstein in addition to sex trafficking.
  • March 2022: Prince Andrew reportedly forks out £12 million to Ms. Giuffre to make it all go away.
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