Rebekah Vardy blasts Coleen Rooney in comment section after discussing Wagatha Christie in Vogue interview

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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Rebekah Vardy has reignited the feud between her and rival Coleen Rooney by calling her ‘boring’ and ‘publicity-seeking’ in a recent Instagram post. She blasted her fellow WAG for doing a tell-all interview with British Vogue.

Coleen Rooney recent interview with Vogue where she criticised Rebekah Vardy
Coleen Rooney on the front cover of Vogue in a Dior mac. In the September 2023 addition, she speaks with the magazine for the first time about the Wagatha Christie saga

Sharing Vardy shared a bikini photo on Instagram during her Portugal holiday, she criticised Coleen’s interview in the comments, calling it ‘boring’.

A fan mentioned Coleen’s Vogue interview. Rebekah responded, “Boring now isn’t it.” Another fan added, “Desperate.”

Rebekah continued her rant: “Don’t give me publicity I’m private but please give me publicity.” She also added, “The public doesn’t care and neither do I. She won that’s the end of it! Be happy move on… because I know I have x”

Rebekah Vardy calls  Coleen Rooney boring and publicity seeking
Vardy posted a picture of herself in Instagram in a yellow bikini. In the comments, she refers to Coleen’s recent interview with Vogue as ‘boring’

Another fan defended Coleen Rooney. Rebekah replied: “What a year later! Give me a break! And yes I did because I don’t do anything wrong! And I’ll take that to my grave! If I had done it believe me I would have flicked the middle finger and said yeah and what!”

She continued to claim her innocence. Another user countered that she was found guilty. Rebekah fired back about maintaining her innocence from the start.

Rebekah Vardy hits back at a negative comment on Instagram
Rebekah hits back at a comment that she is ‘angry and jealous’

Vardy lost her libel case against Coleen in July 2022. She was ordered to pay £1.5million. Still, she denies being at fault.

Coleen talked about Rebekah’s actions in her Vogue interview. She detailed her plan to expose the person leaking her private stories. Coleen shared her thoughts on Rebekah: “I felt like she was in the same world as me. She wasn’t a friend. I’ve never socialised with her.”

A post in support of Vardy suggesting that Coleen Rooney paid Vogue
A post in support of Vardy suggesting that Coleen Rooney paid Vogue

Rooney recalled the court experience as “scary” and “painful.” On winning the case, she shared her reaction: “I think all I did was swear for the whole quarter of an hour phone call.”

The court awarded Coleen costs. £800,000 was due immediately. Vardy faced criticism in the legal outcome.

Rebekah’s agent, Caroline Watt, was also involved in the trial. Coleen commented on Rebekah’s texts: “The texts knocked me sick. They were just another level. When I was reading them I was thinking: the evilness and the hatred that they had for someone that they don’t even know.”

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