Revealed: Jack the Ripper’s identity is finally discovered, according to new book

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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In a sensational revelation, a new book claims to have cracked the mystery surrounding Jack the Ripper. The notorious serial killer terrorised London’s East End in 1888, leaving a trail of brutal murders in his wake. Now, after 135 years, the true identity of Jack the Ripper may have been unveiled by former police volunteer Sarah Bax Horton.

According to The Telegraph, Horton asserts that the elusive killer was none other than Hyam Hyams, a cigar maker plagued by epilepsy and a troubled past. With a history of mental health issues and an inclination for heavy drinking, Hyams fits the profile of this infamous murderer.

Drawing on damning medical records, Horton highlights that Hyams resided in the heart of the murder zone and exhibited a distinctive “peculiar gait” due to an injury that left him unable to straighten his knees fully. This shuffling walk, believed to be a consequence of brain damage resulting from epilepsy, matches eyewitness descriptions of the Ripper’s movement.

Hyam Hyams fits the bill
Hyam Hyams fits the description for Jack the Ripper

Eyewitnesses recall the killer as a man in his mid-thirties with a stiff arm, irregular gait, and bent knees. Hyams, who was 35 during the murders, matches these descriptions. Furthermore, the terrifying spree abruptly ceased in 1888, coinciding with Hyams’ arrest for being a “wandering lunatic” and subsequent confinement at the Colney Hatch Lunatic Asylum in North London.

Horton, whose great-great-grandfather was involved in the original investigation, stumbled upon her ancestral connection during her research. Fuelled by a desire to unveil the truth, she has meticulously pieced together the evidence that points to Hyam Hyams as the notorious Jack the Ripper.

The Telegraph reports that Sarah’s forthcoming book, “One-Armed Jack: Uncovering the Real Jack the Ripper,” promises to delve further into this extraordinary discovery. With her unique insights and access to classified records, Horton exposes Hyams’ propensity for violence, particularly following severe epileptic fits. She suggests that his mental deterioration might have triggered his gruesome killing spree.

“One-Armed Jack,” is due for release early next month.

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