S Club’s heartbreaking revelation: panicked calls to Paul Cattermole on the day of his tragic death

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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In an emotional revelation, S Club 7 stars have disclosed to The Sun the harrowing moments leading up to the untimely death of their bandmate, Paul Cattermole. The hit group, known for their infectious tunes and vibrant camaraderie, were hit with a devastating blow when they learned about Paul’s passing. Panic ensued as they tried desperately to reach him, only to be met with silence.

Reflecting back, Jon stated: “We’d done a Zoom call with him, all of us, on the Monday. Then our management had messaged him a few times and it hadn’t shown that it’d been read on WhatsApp.

“So it was like, ‘Is he all right?’ But then it was like, ‘Yeah it’s Paul. You know, sometimes he doesn’t answer his phone’.

“Then the next day I phoned him and messaged him.

“Everyone was trying to get hold of him . . . and no one could.”

Paul Cattermole’s bandmates from S Club 7 are devastated by his death

The group’s management broke the heartbreaking news to them during a late-night call, leaving them all in a state of shock and disbelief. Rachel Stevens, Jo O’Meara, Bradley McIntosh, Tina Barrett, and Hannah Spearitt were all left reeling with the sudden loss of their dear friend and fellow bandmate.

Hannah, in particular, spoke candidly about her struggle to accept the reality of Paul’s absence. “I don’t quite believe that it’s real. I still can’t believe I will never see him again,” she confessed, her voice tinged with sorrow. Paul’s death came as a devastating surprise to the entire group, especially considering their recent reunion plans and upcoming tour.

Just seven weeks prior to his passing, the band had announced their reunion, eliciting excitement among their legion of fans. Their reunion tour was almost sold out, and they were thrilled about recording new music. S Club 7 was set to recapture the hearts of their fans, but fate had a different plan.

Paul’s death has left a void that is deeply felt by his friends and bandmates. Their grief has brought them closer together, finding solace in each other’s support. Bradley aptly expressed the strong presence Paul’s memory still holds, stating, “His presence is so strong. It doesn’t feel like he’s gone. It feels like he’s still here. We miss him dearly, though.”

The band members consider themselves fortunate to have reconciled with Paul before his passing. They hadn’t been in the same room for eight years until their reunion in February, and that precious time spent together holds a special place in their hearts.

Rachel shared, “To have that time together was really special. We all reconnected again as who we are now. Paul felt part of it. We all felt part of it.” The group now moves forward with their tour, renaming it “The Good Times Tour” as a tribute to Paul’s unforgettable song.

Tina Barrett, Jon Lee, Jo O’Meara, Rachel Stevens and Bradley McIntosh will continue the tour

They promise to honor his memory and celebrate his life in every performance. While Hannah has chosen not to join the tour, her bandmates have left the door open, understanding her need for space. They want the tour to be a joyous celebration of their achievements as a band, while still remembering their dear friend Paul Cattermole, whose spirit continues to inspire them.

As they release their first single in 20 years, “These Are The Days,” S Club 7 looks back on their journey with fondness and pride. The music video poignantly captures the essence of their friendship and pays heartfelt homage to Paul. The group believes that Paul’s spirit was present during the video shoot, with little signs of his presence scattered throughout the set.

On October 12, the tour will kick off in Manchester, and the band anticipates an emotional yet uplifting experience. Tears will be shed, memories will be shared, and Paul will be remembered in every song they perform. S Club 7 remains resolute in making the tour a joyous celebration of life, ensuring that their fans will be left with cherished memories of their favorite band and the beloved Paul Cattermole.

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